Title Status Status date CMS Party number Region
Vatican City State Range State Europe
United Kingdom Party 1992 19 Europe
Ukraine Party 1999 63 Europe
Turkey Range State AM Europe
Tunisia Range State 23 Africa
Syria Range State 82 Asia
Switzerland Party 2013 46 Europe
Sweden Party 1992 1 Europe
Spain Range State 17 Europe
Slovenia Party 2003 57 Europe
Slovakia Party 1998 45 Europe
Serbia Range State 108 Europe
Saudi Arabia Range State 36 Asia
San Marino Party 2009 AM Europe
Russian Federation Range State AM Europe
Romania Party 2000 53 Europe
Republic of Moldova Party 2001 73 Europe
Portugal Party 1996 1 Europe
Poland Party 1996 49 Europe
Norway Party 1993 18 Europe
Instrument nameAgreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats
TypeArticle IV(3)
DepositaryGovernment of the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office Old Admiralty Building, Room OAB 1/79 The Head of the Treaties Record Unit, Mr. Neil Hagon King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH, ENGLAND Tel: +(44) 20 7270 4046 / Fax: +(44) 20 7270 4076
SignatureOpen for signature at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, on 4 December 1991 and thereafter until 16 January 1994
Website URL
OtherAn Advisory Committee comprising one member appointed by each Party; each Party to designate one or more competent authorities responsible for implementation. There is a Standing Committee with eight elected members.

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