Scientific Council

The establishment of a Scientific Council to provide advice on scientific matters is foreseen in Article VIII of the Convention. The Council makes recommendations to the Conference of the Parties on such issues as research on migratory species, specific conservation and management measures, the inclusion of migratory species in the Appendices and designation of species for Concerted or Cooperative Actions under the Convention. It also gives advice on projects' eligibility for funding under the Small Grants Programme of CMS.

Each Party is entitled to appoint a qualified expert as a member of the Scientific Council. Parties may also nominate an alternate Scientific Councillor, entitled to participate in meetings of the Council when the regular Councillor cannot attend. In addition to the members appointed by the individual Parties, the Conference of the Parties can appoint to the Council other experts to cover fields of particular interest to the Convention.

As at February 2014, the Council includes nine Conference-appointed members to cover the following taxa, geographic regions or threats: marine turtles; birds; aquatic mammals; fish; neo-tropical fauna; Asiatic fauna; African fauna; by-catch and climate change. At present, there are about 100 members of the Council.

There is no set frequency for Meetings of the Council, which can be convened by the Secretariat whenever it is considered necessary. In practice, the Council usually meets once before the Conference of the Parties and once intersessionally.

Reports of all meetings are available below.


Title Start datesort ascending Status Country CMS Instrument
1st Scientific Council Sessional Committee Meeting 18.04.2016 Germany CMS
18th Scientific Council Meeting 01.07.2014 Concluded Germany CMS
Scientific Council Strategic & Planning Meeting 08.10.2013 Concluded Italy CMS
17th Scientific Council Meeting 17.11.2011 Concluded Norway CMS
16th Scientific Council Meeting 28.06.2010 Concluded Germany CMS
CMS Scientific Council Activity Planning Meeting 13.06.2009 Concluded Germany CMS
15th Scientific Council Meeting 27.11.2008 Concluded Italy CMS
14th Scientific Council Meeting 14.03.2007 Concluded Germany CMS
13th Scientific Council Meeting 16.11.2005 Concluded Kenya CMS
12th Scientific Council Meeting 31.03.2004 Concluded United Kingdom CMS
11th Scientific Council Meeting 14.09.2002 Concluded Germany CMS
10th Scientific Council Meeting 02.05.2001 Concluded United Kingdom CMS
9th Scientific Council Meeting 04.11.1999 Concluded South Africa CMS
8th Scientific Council Meeting 03.06.1998 Concluded Netherlands CMS
7th Scientific Council Meeting 10.04.1997 Concluded Switzerland CMS
6th Scientific Council Meeting 01.11.1995 Concluded Germany CMS
5th Scientific Council Meeting 04.06.1994 Concluded Kenya CMS
4th Scientific Council Meeting 17.05.1993 Concluded Germany CMS
3rd Scientific Council Meeting 09.09.1991 Concluded Switzerland CMS
2nd Scientific Council Meeting 14.03.1991 Concluded Germany CMS
1st Scientific Council Meeting 11.10.1988 Concluded Switzerland CMS