CMS-WHMSI Flyways Meetings

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To advance an Americas Flyways Initiative, Governments, Range States, the CMS Secretariat, the Western Hemisphere Migratory Species Initiative (WHMSI), the Waterbird Council for the Americas, BirdLife International and other organizations working on flyways are to develop an overarching conservation Action Plan for the Americas, recognizing especially the established programmes of work that exist in North America and between both American continents, and taking into account existing instruments in the region. The instrument to be developed needs to cover intra-regional migrants also, in particular Neotropical Austral Migrants. 

Start date11 March 2014
End date14 March 2014
CMS InstrumentCMS
TypeWorking group
CityMontego Bay

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Information Document


Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/Res.10.10 Guidance on Global Flyway Conservation and Options for Policy Arrangements

Meeting Document

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“Strawdog” Overarching Americas Flyways Framework Agreement
Provisional Agenda
Review of existing migratory bird instruments and initiatives inte Ameriocas (Clay & Lesterhuis)