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Title Dates Organizer Place URL
The Wadden Sea and Beech Forests -Transboundary Management of World Heritage sites as a contribution to global World Heritage Conservation 06.07.2015 UNESCO WHC/Common Wadden Sea Secretariat Bonn
Workshop: Egyptian Vulture 06.07.2015 BSPB (Bulgarian BirdLife International Partner) Sofia Egyptian Vulture - Flyway Action Plan
AEWA 10th Meeting of the Standing Committee 08.07.2015 AEWA Secretariat Kampala AEWA Standing Committee
ASCOBANS Workshop on the Further Development of Management Procedures for Defining the Threshold of ‘Unacceptable Interactions’ 10.07.2015 ASCOBANS London
2015 Annual Symposium of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles and Workshop on the Conservation of Mobulid Rays 25.07.2015 Plymouth Event Homepage
2nd Meeting of the White-winged Flufftail International Working Group 10.08.2015 Addis Ababa
Mitigating Impacts of Infrastructure Development on Mammals in Central Asia 24.08.2015 CMS Ulaanbataar
Wadden Sea Day 2015 27.08.2015 Common Wadden Sea Secretariat Wilhelmshaven Common Wadden Sea Secretariat
28th Meeting of the CITES Animals Committee 30.08.2015 CITES Secretariat Tel Aviv CITES
XIVth World Forestry Congress 07.09.2015 Food and Agriculture Organization Durban Food and Agriculture Organization
4th International Conference on Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2015 14.09.2015 German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) Stralsund
Workshop on the Further Development of Management Procedures for Defining the Threshold of ‘Unacceptable Interactions’ / Removals of Concern - Part II 24.09.2015 UN Campus, Bonn
Scientific Council Workshop on Connectivity (dates to be confirmed) 28.09.2015 Venice
5th Meeting of the ASCOBANS North Sea Group 28.09.2015 ASCOBANS The Hague 5th Meeting of the North Sea Group
United Nations General Assembly 28.09.2015 UNO New York
ASCOBANS - 22nd Meeting of the Advisory Committee 29.09.2015 ASCOBANS The Hague ASCOBANS - 22nd Meeting of the Advisory Committee
ASCOBANS Workshop on Remote Electronic Monitoring 02.10.2015 ASCOBANS The Hague
Eye on Earth Summit 06.10.2015 St Regis Sadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi
UNCCD COP12 12.10.2015 UNCCD Ankara UNCCD Homepage
CMS Finance and Budget Sub-Committee 13.10.2015 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Bonn
44th Standing Committee Meeting 14.10.2015 UNEP/CMS Secretariat UN Campus
The Third Meeting of Signatories (MOS3) Saiga MOU 26.10.2015 The CMS Secretariat To be confirmed
CBD 19th Meeting of SBSTTA and 9th Meeting of the Article 8(j) Working Group 01.11.2015 CBD Secretariat Montreal CBD
AEWA MOP6 09.11.2015 AEWA Secretariat Bonn
CITES 66th Standing Committee Meeting 11.01.2016 CITES Secretariat Geneva CITES
IPBES - 4th Session of the Plenary 22.02.2016 IPBES Kuala Lumpur IPBES
1st WCEL Congress on Environmental Law (Justice and the Planet) 27.04.2016 UNEP Rio de Janeiro
UN Environment Assembly (UNEA 2) 23.05.2016 UNEP Nairobi
IUCN World Conservation Congress 01.09.2016 IUCN Hawaii IUCN WCC
Convention on Biological Diversity COP13 04.12.2016 CBD Secretariat Los Cabos CBD COP