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Title Dates Organizer Place URL
UNEP-CAR/RCU 24.11.2014
1st Arctic Biodiversity Congress 02.12.2014
Expert Workshop to Prepare Guidance on Preventing and Mitigating the Significant Adverse Impacts of Marine Debris on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity and Habitats 02.12.2014 CBD Baltimore
Bern Convention: 34th Standing Committee Meeting 02.12.2014 Council fo Europe Strasbourg Bern Convention (34th Standing Committee)
Raptors MOU Signing Ceremony (Lebanon) 03.12.2014 Beirut
International Festival of Falconry 07.12.2014 Abu Dhabi
UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP) Intergovernmental Meetings 08.12.2014 Cartagena
Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness of MEA Implementation: Interoperability between Reporting Systems for Biodiversity Data 15.12.2014 CITES Geneva
EAAFP (East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership): 8th Meeting of Parties 16.01.2015 EAAFP Kushiro EAAFP
Second Symposium on the Conservation of Marine and Coastal Birds in the Mediterranean 20.02.2015 Hammamet
Workshop for Developing a Flyway Action Plan for the Conservation of the Balkan and Central Asian Populations of the Egyptian Vulture 22.02.2015 Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/BirdLife Bulgaria Sofia
EUROBATS 20th Advisory Committee Meeting 23.03.2015 EUROBATS Budva
ACAP MOP5 04.05.2015 ACAP Secretariat Santa Cruz, Tenerife ACAP
Ramsar COP12 01.06.2015 Ramsar Convention Punta del Este Ramsar Convention COP12 page
Ramsar COP12 01.06.2015 Ramsar Convention Punta del Este
Ramsar 49th Standing Committee Meeting 01.06.2015 Ramsar Convention Punta del Este Ramsar Convention: Standing Committee
Fish Passage 2015 Conference: International Conference on River Connectivity, Best Practices and Innovations 22.06.2015 Groningen
AEWA MOP6 09.11.2015
CITES 66th Standing Committee Meeting 11.01.2016 CITES Secretariat Geneva CITES