South & Central America & The Caribbean

Une réunion internationale pour protéger les requins du monde entier se tient au Costa Rica

La deuxième Réunion des Signataires du MdE Requins de la Convention sur les espèces migratrices se tient à San Jose, Costa Rica, du 15 au 19 février.

15 February 2016

Hallaron un puma y 34 cóndores muertos en Mendoza

Fueron encontrados en Los Molles, Malargüe. Creen que fueron envenenados. También hay animales de corral muertos.

22 January 2018

'I have a lot of enemies': the Honduran marine park rangers facing death threats

The tropical island of Roatán is a gold mine for tourism and fishermen but those protecting the reef want tougher laws to turn the area into a no-take zone

27 December 2017

Where Do Songbirds Go to Die?

After revolutionizing bird-migration science over the past decade, geolocation technology is poised to shine light on the field’s darkest mystery.

17 November 2017

Hunderte tote Schildkröten im Pazifik

Vor der Küste von El Salvador sind rund 400 tote Schildkröten entdeckt worden. Forscher gehen dem mysteriösen Massensterben auf den Grund.

03 November 2017

Rescue of the olive ridley sea turtle

Of the millions of eggs laid by the endangered olive ridley sea turtles on one Costa Rican beach, few survive both predators and poachers.

07 October 2017

Belize to create world’s first ray sanctuary

The government of Belize today announced the establishment of the first-ever nationwide ray sanctuary, motivated, in part, by data from Global FinPrint scientists at FIU.

05 October 2017