Catastrophic Collapse of Saiga Antelopes in Central Asia

More than 120,000 saiga antelope have been confirmed dead in central Kazakhstan, representing more than a third of the global population. This is a major blow for conservation efforts given that saigas have in the past ten years only just started to recover from a global population size of less than 50,000 animals following a 95% crash in numbers.

28 May 2015

Mystery disease claims half world population of saiga antelopes

The death toll of iconic saiga antelopes in central Asia has soared to around 120,000, almost half of the world's remaining population, according to unofficial estimates.

27 May 2015

Massensterben der Saiga-Antilopen

Ein Drittel des Weltbestandes verendet - Bis zu 85.000 Saiga-Antilopen sind in Kasachstan binnen weniger Tage gestorben – ein Drittel des gesamten Weltbestandes. Die kasachischen Behörden sowie internationale Experten sind bereits seit Tagen vor Ort, um ein genaues Bild der Lage zu bekommen.

27 May 2015

Most Hong Kongers Support Banning Ivory Sales, Poll Finds

Animal conservation groups stepped up their campaign to end the ivory trade in Hong Kong this week by releasing the results of a

27 May 2015

Five UAE sites identified as areas of global ecological importance

The sites are Southwest Waters of Abu Dhabi and Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve in Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali in Dubai and Sir Bu Na’air Island and Khor Kalba in Sharjah.

26 May 2015

Welcome to the falcon hospital of Qatar

Hunting with falcons is a popular sport in the Gulf - and Qatar's capital city, Doha, has a specialist hospital where injured birds are treated.

26 May 2015

IS threat to Syria's northern bald ibis near Palmyra

A rare bird may become extinct in Syria because of the capture of Palmyra by Islamic State, experts say.


25 May 2015

Swifts migrate from Beijing to southern Africa without landing

New research uncovers mystery of migration route of bird that spends up to three years in the air after leaving its nest.

25 May 2015

Waldrapp in Palmyra: IS-Einmarsch bedroht auch seltene Vogelart

Angesichts der vielen Gräueltaten der Terrormiliz ist es nur eine Randnotiz, für Naturschützer dürfte es dennoch eine traurige Nachricht sein: Die Eroberung der Oasenstadt Palmyra durch den IS könn

25 May 2015