Mekong: a river rising

The fate of 70 million people rests on what happens to the Mekong river.

26 November 2015

Cabinet approves law to protect Bangladesh's biodiversity

The Cabinet approved the draft of the ‘Bangladesh Biodiversity Act-2015’ at a meeting chair

23 November 2015

Fading stars: India’s illegal tortoise trade - in pictures

The ‘shocking’ scale of illegal trade in star tortoises in southern India has been revealed in

20 November 2015

An Experimental Success: Entanglement & Stranding Response Training in Oman

Bonn/Abu Dhabi, 19 November 2015 - In the Indian Ocean (including its adjacent seas and gulfs) the Convention on Migratory Species’

19 November 2015

Australian court fines Japanese whaling company $1m for 'intentional' breaches

Kyodo Senpaku has been found guilty in a case brought by Humane Society International – the first verdict of contempt of the environment act.

18 November 2015

Likely cause of mass Saiga die-off revealed

A mystery illness that wiped out more than half the world's population of Saiga antelopes this year was most likely caused by haemorraghic septicaemia, according

16 November 2015

Countries Commit to Tackling Multiple Threats to Migratory Waterbirds

New Action Plans for Seabirds, Eurasian Curlew, Grey Crowned Crane, Long-tailed Duck, Northern Bald Ibis, Shoebill and Taiga Bean Goose Adopted


16 November 2015

Les pays s’engagent à prendre en main les multiples menaces pesant sur les oiseaux d’eau migrateurs

Nouveaux plans d’action adoptés pour les oiseaux marins, le Courlis cendré, la Grue royale, l’Harelde boréale, l’Ibis chauve, le Bec-en-sabot du Nil et l’Oie des moissons

16 November 2015