Parties et États de l’aire de répartition

A compter du 1er mai 2014, 120 pays sont Parties à la Convention sur la conservation des espèces migratrices.

En complément à la liste des Parties et des États de l'aire de répartition (voir ci-dessous), veuillez prendre note de de l’aperçu Application of CMS to Overseas Territories/Autonomous Regions of Parties and Reservations regarding species in the CMS Appendices (en anglais seulement).


Country Status Status date Party number Region
Iceland Range state Europe
India Party 1983 1 Asia
Indonesia Range state AM Oceania
Iran Party 2008 106 Asia
Iraq Range state Asia
Ireland Party 1983 1 Europe
Israel Party 1983 1 Asia
Italy Party 1983 1 Europe
Jamaica Range state Sig South & Central America & The Caribbean
Japan Range state Asia
Jordan Party 2001 72 Asia
Kazakhstan Party 2006 97 Asia
Kenya Party 1999 58 Africa
Kiribati Range state Oceania
Kosovo (Res.1244) Party 2008 108 Europe
Kuwait Range state Asia
Kyrgyzstan Party 2014 120 Asia
Lao People's Democratic Republic Range state Asia
Latvia Party 1999 60 Europe
Lebanon Range state AM Asia
Lesotho Range state Africa
Liberia Party 2004 88 Africa
Libya Party 2002 80 Africa
Liechtenstein Party 1997 52 Europe
Lithuania Party 2002 79 Europe
Luxembourg Party 1983 1 Europe
Macao (China) Range state Asia
Madagascar Party 2007 101 Africa
Malawi Range state Africa
Malaysia Range state AM Asia
Maldives Range state AM Asia
Mali Party 1987 24 Africa
Malta Party 2001 74 Europe
Marshall Islands Range state Oceania
Mauritania Party 1998 54 Africa
Mauritius Party 2004 86 Africa
Mexico Range state North America
Micronesia Range state AM Oceania
Monaco Party 1993 40 Europe
Mongolia Party 1999 65 Asia

Designations used

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