Parties et États de l’aire de répartition

A compter du 1er mai 2014, 120 pays sont Parties à la Convention sur la conservation des espèces migratrices.

En complément à la liste des Parties et des États de l'aire de répartition (voir ci-dessous), veuillez prendre note de de l’aperçu Application of CMS to Overseas Territories/Autonomous Regions of Parties and Reservations regarding species in the CMS Appendices (en anglais seulement).


Country Status Status date Party number Region
Afghanistan Range state AM
Albania Party 2001 76 Europe
Algeria Party 2005 94 Africa
Andorra Range state Europe
Angola Party 2006 99 Africa
Antigua and Barbuda Party 2007 104 South & Central America & The Caribbean
Argentina Party 1992 39 South & Central America & The Caribbean
Armenia Party 2011 115 Europe
Australia Party 1991 37 Oceania
Austria Party 2005 91 Europe
Azerbaijan Range state AM
Bahamas Range state South & Central America & The Caribbean
Bahrain Range state AM
Bangladesh Party 2005 95 Asia
Barbados Range state South & Central America & The Caribbean
Belarus Party 2003 84 Europe
Belgium Party 1990 35 Europe
Belize Range state South & Central America & The Caribbean
Benin Party 1986 21 Africa
Bhutan Range state Asia
Bolivia Party 2003 81 South & Central America & The Caribbean
Bosnia and Herzegovina Range state Europe
Botswana Range state Africa
Brazil Range state AM
Brunei Darussalam Range state Asia
Bulgaria Party 1999 61 Europe
Burkina Faso Party 1990 30 Africa
Burundi Party 2011 116 Africa
Cabo Verde Party 2006 96 Africa
Cambodia Range state
Cameroon Party 1 Africa
Canada Range state North America
Central African Republic Range state Sig
Chad Party 51
Chile Party 1
China Range state AM
Colombia Range state South & Central America & The Caribbean
Comoros Range state AM Africa
Congo (Brazzaville) Party 66
Cook Islands Party 98

Designations used

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