Eleventh Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CMS

The location on the map is approximate!

The Eleventh Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS COP11) will be held in Quito, Ecuador from 4 to 9 November 2014. The Government of Ecuador has generously offered to host the COP and the 42nd and 43rd meetings of the Standing Committee together with a High Level Ministerial Panel and regional coordination meetings. 

Find more information at www.cms.int/cop11/logistics.  The Information Note for Participants with details of the venue, visa requirements etc. can be accessed here.

Associated Meetings

42nd Meeting of the Standing Committee/42ème Réunion du Comité permanent/42a Reunión del Comite permanente (2 November)

High Level Ministerial Panel (3 November)

Uniting the Rights of Nature and the Green Economy: Finding Solutions to Protecting International Wildlife

The High Level Ministerial Panel will be held on 3 November from 1 to 4 pm at the COP venue. Ministers and other dignitaries will debate how we can reconcile the concepts of “Rights of Nature” and the “Green Economy”. These are two approaches that have emerged in response to the increasingly dire depletion of natural resources including wildlife and the wider environmental crisis and gained great momentum in the last two years.

Representatives of Parties, country observers and relevant organizations attending the COP are encouraged to take part in and contribute to this important debate. We kindly request those that are interested in attending this event to inform the Secretariat by filling out the online registration form indicated above.

Regional Coordination Meetings (3 November)

43rd Meeting of the Standing Committee/43ème Réunion du Comité permanent/43a Reunión del Comite permanente (9 November)


As soon as documents become available, they will be posted in the appropriate sections below.  All documents will be provided as PDFs.  Those documents containing elements such as draft Resolutions that Parties might wish to amend during the course of the COP will also be provided in Word. Draft resolutions can be found as annexes to the associated Conference documents (Conference documents with draft resolutions attached are annotated withan asterisk * in the table below). Information documents will generally only be provided in the language in which they are submitted.


04 Nov 2014 to 09 Nov 2014
OrganizerUNEP/CMS Secretariat
CMS InstrumentCMS
VenueQuorum Quito

Download all files as .zip

Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.4 Rules of Procedure
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.6.1.Rev.1 Provisional Agenda and Documents
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.6.2 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Meeting Schedule
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.8 Admission of Observers
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.9 Report of UNEP
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.11.1 Report of Depositary and Host Government
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.12.2 Report on CMS Activities in North America
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.14.1 Execution of CMS Budget 2012-2014
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.14.2 Draft Costed Programme of Work 2015-2017
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.14.3 Draft Budget for 2015-2017*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.14.4 Resource Mobilization
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.15.1 Assessment of the Implementation of the Strategic Plan 2006- 2014
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.15.2 Strategic Plan for Migratory Species 2015-2023*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.16.1 Future Structure and Strategies of CMS: Short- and Medium-term Activities under Resolution 10.9
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.16.2 Analysis of Shared Common Services between CMS Family Instruments
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.17.1 Options for a New Structure and Modus Operandi of the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.17.3 Gap Analysis of the Convention on Migratory Species
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.18.1 Arrangements for Meetings of the Conference of the Parties*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.18.2 Repeal of Resolutions and Recommendations
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.18.3 A Review Process for the Convention*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.19.1 Implementation of the Outreach and Communication Plan 2012-2014
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.19.2 Outreach and Communication Plan 2015-2017*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.19.3 Analysis and Synthesis of National Reports
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.20.1 Implementation of the Capacity Building Strategy 2012-2014
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.20.2 Capacity Building Strategy 2015-2017
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.21.1 Report on Synergies and Partnerships
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.22.1 Implementation of Existing CMS Instruments
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.22.2 Developing, Resourcing and Servicing CMS Agreements
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.22.3 Assessment of MOUs and their Viability
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.22.4 Concerted and Cooperative Actions*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.1.1 Programme of Work for Migratory Birds and Flyways
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.1.2 Review and Guidelines to Prevent Poisoning of Migratory Birds*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.1.3 Preventing the Illegal Killing, Taking and Trade of Migratory Birds*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.1.4 Conservation of Landbirds in the African-Eurasian Region*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc. Summary Report of the Saker Falcon Task Force*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc. Saker Falcon Global Action Plan (SakerGAP)
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.1.6 The Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Birds Listed on the CMS Appendices*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.2.1 Conservation of Migratory Sharks and Rays*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.2.2 Draft Single Species Action Plan for the Loggerhead Turtle in the South Pacific Ocean*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.2.3 Live Captures of Cetaceans from the Wild for Commercial Purposes*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.2.4 Conservation Implications of Cetacean Culture*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.3.1 Central Asian Mammals Initiative (CAMI)*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.3.2 Guidelines on Wildlife-friendly Infrastructure Design
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.3.3 Draft Action Plan for the Conservation of Argali
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc. Review of the Application of Ecological Networks to CMS*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc. Strategic Review of Aspects of Ecological Networks relating to Migratory Species
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.4.2 Programme of Work on Climate Change and Migratory Species*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.4.3 Renewable Energy Technologies Deployment and Migratory Species
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc. Renewable Energy and Migratory Species*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.4.4 Invasive Alien Species*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.4.5 Sustainable Boat-Based Wildlife Watching Tourism*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.23.4.6 Management of Marine Debris*
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1 Proposals for Amendment of Appendices I and II of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1/ Addendum Comments from the Parties on the Proposals for Amendment of Appendices I and II of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.2 Criteria for Amendment of the Appendices
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.28 Arrangements for Hosting the 11th and 12th Meetings of the Conference of the Parties
Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.1 Cuvier's Beaked Whale (Ziphius cavirostris) Mediterranean subpopulation Appendix I
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.2 Asiatic Lion (Panthera leo persica) Appendix I / Other subspecies Appendix II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.3 Red-fronted Gazelle (Eudorcas rufifrons) Appendix I
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.4 Great Bustard (Otis tarda) Appendix I
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.5 Semipalmated Sandpiper (Calidris pusilla) Appendix I
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.6 Great Knot (Calidris tenuirostris) Appendix I
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.7 European Roller (Coracias garrulus) Appendix I
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.8 Sawfish (Family Pristidae) Appendices I and II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.9 Manta alfredi (Reef Manta Ray) Appendices I and II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.10 Mobula Rays (genus Mobula) Appendices I and II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.11 Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) Appendix II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.12 White-eared Kob (Kobus kob leucotis) Appendix II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.13 Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis) Appendix II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.14 Silky Shark (Carcharhinus falciformis) Appendix II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.15 Great Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna mokarran) Appendix II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.16 Scalloped Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna lewini) Appendix II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.17 Thresher Sharks (genus Alopias) Appendix II
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1.18 European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) Appendix II
Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.1 Text of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.2 Appendices I and II of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.3 List of CMS Parties (as at 1 November 2014)
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.4 List of National Focal Points for CMS
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.5 List of CMS Scientific Councillors
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.6 List of Range States of Migratory Species
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.7 CMS Resolutions and Recommendations: 1985-2011
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.8 Report of the 18th Meeting of the Scientific Council (Bonn, 1-3 July 2014)
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.9 Report of the 41st Meeting of the Standing Committee (Bonn, 27-28 November 2013)
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.10 Report of the 42nd Meeting of the Standing Committee (Quito, 2-3 November 2014)
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.11 Opening Statements
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.12 Reports from Secretariats of Article IV Agreements already concluded
UNEP/CMS/COP11/inf.12.1 Gorillas Agreement
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.13 Reports from Organizations
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.14 Provisional List of Participants
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.15 A Natural Affiliation
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.16 Strategies of Species Teams
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.17 Review of the Global Conservation Status of the Asian Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis macqueenii)
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.18 Report of the CMS Scientific Council Workshop on the Conservation Implications of Cetacean Culture
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.19 Action Plan for the Conservation of Argali (Russian version)
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20 see separate section "National Reports"
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.21 Assessment of Gaps and Needs in Migratory Mammals Conservation in Central Asia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.22 Ecological Networks: Case Studies, Challenges and Lessons Learned
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.23 GOBI Rveiew of EBSAs and marine migratory species
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.24 Resolution to Establish the IOSEA Network of Sites of Importance for Marine Turtles in the IOSEA Region
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.25 Criteria for the Evaluation of Nominations to the Network of Sites of Importance for Marine Turtles in the IOSEA Region
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.26 (Renewable) Energy Technologies Deployment and Migratory Species
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.27 Report I: Migratory Species, Marine Debris and its Management
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.28 Report II: Marine Debris and Commercial Marine Vessel Best Practice
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.29 Report III: Marine Debris: Pubic Awareness and Education Campaigns
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.30 The Conservation Status of Migratory Sharks
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.31 History of Agreements
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.32 Review of the Impact of Invasive Alien Species on Species Protected under CMS
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.33 Review of the Scale and Extent of Illegal Killing and Taking of Birds in the Mediterranean
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.34 Review of the Ecological Effects of Poisoning on Migratory Birds
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.35 Nomenclature and Taxonomy for Birds: BirdLife Analysis
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.36 Taking of Cetaceans and Dolphinaria: a Legal Analysis within the Framework of CMS
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.37 Identification of Cetaceans for the Needs of CITES
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.38 Development of a Rapid Management-Risk Assessment Method for Fish Species through its Application to Sharks
Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.AM National Report - Armenia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.AR Informe nacional - Argentina
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.AT National Report - Austria
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.AU National Report - Australia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.BE National Report - Belgium
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.BF Rapport national - Burkina Faso
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.BG.rev National Report - Bulgaria
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.BJ Rapport national - Bénin
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.BO Informe nacional - Bolivia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.BY National Report - Belarus
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.CG.rev Rapport national - République du Congo
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.CH National Report - Switzerland
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.CR Informe nacional - Costa Rica
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.CY National Report - Cyprus
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.CZ National Report - Czech Republic
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.DE National Report - Germany
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.DK National Report - Denmark
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.EC.rev Informe nacional - Ecuador
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.EE National Report - Estonia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3 EG National Report - Egypt
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.ER National Report - Eritrea
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.ES.rev Informe nacional - España
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.FI National Report - Finland
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.GE National Report - Georgia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.GH National Report - Ghana
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.GM National Report - Gambia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.HN Informe nacional - Honduras
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.HR National Report - Croatia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.HU National Report - Hungary
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.IL National Report - Israel
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.IN National Report - India
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.IT National Report- Italy
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.KE National Report - Kenya
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.LI National Report - Liechtenstein
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.LV National Report - Latvia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.MD National Report - Republic of Moldova
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.MG Rapport national - Madagascar
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.MK.rev National Report - the F.Y.R. of Macedonia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.ML Rapport national - Mali
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.NE Rapport national - Niger
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.NL National Report - the Netherlands
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.NO National Report - Norway
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.NZ National Report - New Zealand
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.PE Informe nacional - Perú
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.PK National Report - Pakistan
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.PL National Report - Poland
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.PT National Report - Portugal
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.RO National Report - Romania
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.RS National Report - Serbia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.SA.rev National Report - Saudi Arabia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.SE National Report - Sweden
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.SK National Report - Slovakia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.SO National Report - Somalia
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.SY National Report - Syrian Arab Republic
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.TJ National Report - Tajikistan
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.UA National Report - Ukraine
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.UG National Report - Uganda
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.UY Informe nacional - Uruguay
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.WS National Report - Samoa
UNEP/CMS/COP11/Inf.20.3.ZA National Report - South Africa