Fifth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CMS

The location on the map is approximate!
10 Apr 1997 to 16 Apr 1997
OrganizerCMS Secretariat, Bonn, Germany
CMS InstrumentCMS

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Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/Res. 5.1 Concerted Actions for Appendix I Species
UNEP/CMS/Res. 5.2 Guidelines for the Harmonisation of Future Agreements
UNEP/CMS/Res. 5.3 Interpretation of Certain Terms of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/Res. 5.4 Strategy for the Future Development of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/Res. 5.5 Co-location of Agreement Secretariats
UNEP/CMS/Res. 5.6 Financial and Administrative matters
UNEP/CMS/Res. 5.7 Guidelines for the Acceptance of Financial Contributions
UNEP/CMS/Res. 5.8 Date, Venue and Funding for the 6th Meeting of the COP
Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.1.rev.1 Provisional Agenda
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.2.rev.2 List of Documents
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.3.rev.1 Provisional Timetable
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.4 Provisional Rules of Procedure
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.5.1 Report of the Secretariat
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.5.2 Report of the Chairman of the Standing Committee
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.5.3 Report of the Chairman of the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.5.4 Report ofthe Depositary
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.6 Correction of the Texts of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.7.rev.1 Review of Party Reports on Implementation of the Convention (and table)
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.7.1 Harmonization of the Reporting System under CMS and Related Agreements
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.8 Measures to Improve the Conservation Status of Appendix I Species
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.9 Review of Article IV Agreements Concluded or under Development
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.10 Guidelines on the Harmonization of Agreements
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.11 Proposals for Amendment of Appendices I and II of the Convention (with index, summary and table)
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.12 Strategy for the Future Development of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.13.1 Financial and Administrative Matters
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.13.2 Guidelines for Acceptance of Financial Contributions
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.13.3 Summary opf Project Propsals for which Voluntary Contributions are Sought
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.14.1 Institutional Arrangements: Co-location of Agreement Secretariats
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.14.2 Institutional Arrangements: Standing Committee
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.14.3 Institutional Arrangements: Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.15 Date, Venue and Funding for the 6th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties
UNEP/CMS/Conf.5.16 Interpretation of Certain Terms Used in the Convention