South & Central America & The Caribbean

Protecting the environment with sea turtle power

A tiny fishing village in Mexico used to be the center of the country's sea turtle slaughter industry. Now, it's become an ecotourism haven - thanks to a different kind of turtle power.

10 November 2015

Danse avec des requins aux Bahamas

Cristina Zenato est passionnée par les requins. Dans les fonds marins des Bahamas, elle consacre l’essentiel de sa vie à les observer, les soigner et les nourrir.
03 November 2015

Galapagosinseln: Forscher entdecken neue Riesenschildkröten-Art

"Wir schätzen, dass es 250 bis 300 Tiere der neuen Art gibt": Ein Forscherteam ist auf den Galapagosinseln dank eines Gentests auf eine bisher unbekannte Art von Riesenschildkröten gestoßen.

22 October 2015

Cuba launches shark protection plan

The Cuban government has launched a long-term plan to protect shark populations around its shores.

BBC News

21 October 2015

Cuba forges links with United States to save sharks

Improved diplomatic relations feed a budding environmental partnership.


21 October 2015

Outcomes of the 44th CMS Standing Committee Meeting

Bonn, 21 October 2015 - The 44th Meeting of the CMS Standing Committee (StC) took place on October 14-15, 2015 in Bonn, Germany. It was chaired by Øystein Størkersen of Norway.

21 October 2015

Pilot Study on Giant Manta Ray Populations Launched

Bonn, 19 October 2015 - CMS is launching a pilot study on the connectivity between Giant Manta Ray populations in the Galapagos and coastal Ecuador and Peru in cooperation with the Manta Trust and

19 October 2015

Study: Conservation Priorities for Shark and Ray Species included and proposed for inclusion in Annex 1 to the CMS Sharks MOU

The Sharks MOU has defined general objectives for the conservation and management of species and populations listed in Annex 1 of the MOU, which are further detailed in a global Conservation Plan for migratory Sharks (Annex 3 to the MOU).
18 October 2015

Connectivity between the populations of the Giant Manta Ray in the Galapagos Islands and coastal Ecuador and Peru

Giant Manta Ray populations are under increasing, unsustainable fisheries pressure in response to growing demand for their dried gill plates used as a pseudo-remedy in Chinese medicine. There is growing evidence suggesting that manta populations in regions with targeted fisheries are declining rapidly, and at least one population that was fished to near local extinction has not recovered even after decades of well-enforced conservation and management action.

22 October 2015

Stopping 'fish laundering' - and other ways to protect oceans

Recent new marine preserves are good news in the fight against illegal fishing, a Pew expert tells DW.

13 October 2015