South & Central America & The Caribbean

Massive Oceanic Manta Ray Accidentally Caught in Peru

When photos of this giant oceanic manta ray surfaced last week, there was some initial speculation that they might be fake.

27 April 2015

Tiny songbird can fly the Atlantic, scientists confirm

Blackpoll warbler songbird, which weighs 4.2 ounces, can fly 1700 miles non-stop from New England to South America

01 April 2015

Langstrecken-Profis: Singvögel fliegen 2500 Kilometer nonstop

Leichtgewichte auf der Langstrecke: Kleine Singvögel können bis zu drei Tage ohne Unterbrechung übers Meer fliegen. Es sei eine riskante Flieg-oder Stirb-Reise, berichten Biologen.

01 April 2015

American birders anxious to explore, protect Cuban species

Millions of migratory birds rely on Cuba's undeveloped fields and forests.

27 February 2015

Planning the world's largest protected area

Colombia's president Manuel Santos announced a plan to establish the world’s largest protected area, covering an area almost four times the size of Germany.

24 February 2015

Galapagos emergency over stranded ship

Ecuador has announced a state of emergency in the Galapagos Islands, a week after a cargo ship with hazardous materials ran aground there.

05 February 2015

Havarie vor Galápagos-Inseln: Ecuador ruft nach Frachterunglück den Notstand aus

Ein mit Öl und Gas beladener Frachter ist vor den Galápagos-Inseln auf Grund gelaufen. Die Behörden haben für das Unesco-Weltnaturerbe den Notstand ausgerufen.

05 February 2015

Entrevista Lorena Tapia - COP11 - video

Interview in Spanish with Ecuador's Environment Minister Lorena Tapia and CMS Capacity-building Office, Francisco Rilla

23 January 2015

New Fishing Technique Safer for Rare Birds and Fishermen

Fishing Innovation Presented at Meeting with Ecuador’s Environmental Minister

08 January 2015