South & Central America & The Caribbean

Protection for Brazilian wetlands

The results of research carried out by Max Planck scientists provide the basis for new environmental legislation in Brazil.
14 September 2015

Protected areas only work if they include what threatened species need

The Tucuman Parrot (Amazona tucumana) is found only on the eastern slopes of the Andes in Bolivia and Argentina, in a region known as the Southern Yungas forest.

09 September 2015

Taller de Capacitación para América Latina

La Secretaría del PNUMA/CMS, con el apoyo de la Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe (ORPALC) del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (PNUMA), preparan por la primera vez un Taller de Capacitación de la Convención sobre la CMS para países latinoamericanos no-parte

04 September 2015

Shark Sanctuaries Announced Around Dutch Caribbean Islands

The Dutch Government announced Sept. 2 that the waters surrounding Bonaire and Saba in the Caribbean Sea will become shark sanctuaries.

02 September 2015

In Costa Rica, a turtle’s suffering puts spotlight on need to reduce use of plastics

The plight of a Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle that biologists in Costa Rica rid of a plastic straw stuck in its nose highlights the need to reduce the use of the synthetic material, since 8 million tons

21 August 2015

Peru and Ecuador sign action plan for protected areas

Peru and Ecuador make big moves to protect shared border and natural reserves at Redparques meeting.

18 August 2015

2015/022: La Reunión de Sigantarios (MOS2) del MdE Tiburones

La Secretaría de la CMS, en su calidad de depositario del Memorándum de Entendimiento sobre la Conservación de Tiburones Migratorios (MdE Tiburones Migratorios), se complace en anunciar que la Segu

18 August 2015

2015/018: Nuevas Partes de la Convención - Afganistán y Brasil

La Secretaría de la Convención sobre la Conservación de las Especies Migratorias de Animales Silvestres (PNUMA / CMS) se complace en informarles que el Ministerio Federal de Relaciones Exteriores a

14 July 2015

High demand for luxury wool prompts poachers to slaughter vicunas

Vicunas, the wild Andean relatives of camels, are being hunted mercilessly by poachers as the price of the animals' luxuriantly soft hair, coveted by European and Asian apparel makers for coats, sc

21 June 2015