South & Central America & The Caribbean

Galapagos emergency over stranded ship

Ecuador has announced a state of emergency in the Galapagos Islands, a week after a cargo ship with hazardous materials ran aground there.

05 February 2015

Havarie vor Galápagos-Inseln: Ecuador ruft nach Frachterunglück den Notstand aus

Ein mit Öl und Gas beladener Frachter ist vor den Galápagos-Inseln auf Grund gelaufen. Die Behörden haben für das Unesco-Weltnaturerbe den Notstand ausgerufen.

05 February 2015

Entrevista Lorena Tapia - COP11 - video

Interview in Spanish with Ecuador's Environment Minister Lorena Tapia and CMS Capacity-building Office, Francisco Rilla

23 January 2015

New Fishing Technique Safer for Rare Birds and Fishermen

Fishing Innovation Presented at Meeting with Ecuador’s Environmental Minister

08 January 2015

Whale sharks to be tagged to save species

Technology will uncover the mating secrets of these enigmatic giants

28 December 2014

Peru investigates deaths of 500 sea lions on north coast

Peru is investigating the deaths of some 500 sea lions found on a beach on its northern coastline.


24 November 2014

Panama sets new raptor migration record

"There must have been at least 100 miles of raptors," said George Angehr. "There was a river of birds passing all day"

12 November 2014

Invasive species threaten global biodiversity

Huilo Huilo - Until a few decades ago, there were no beavers in Patagonia. That changed when 20 pairs of the tree-chewing creature were introduced with the hopes of creating a fur industry.

06 November 2014

Migrating monarchs are ‘buffer’ than the rest

New research traces the evolutionary origins of monarchs to North America, instead of South America as was previously hypothesized, and identifies a gene related to the butterfly’s distinctive oran

08 October 2014