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Bolivia acogeráreunión regional sobre conservación de fauna silvestre

Al encuentro en La Paz también asistirán representantes de la Secretaría Ejecutiva de la CMS y del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Bolivia, la asociación boliviana Armonía, la Universidad Jor

17 July 2017

Pre-COP Regional Workshops

Bonn, 4 July 2017– the CMS Secretariat is holding a series of regional preparatory workshops in the run-up to COP12.  The first is taking place in La Paz, Bolivia from 18 to 20 Jul

04 July 2017

New marine protected area designated in Costa Rica

International days, such as World Oceans Day earlier this month, are vitally important for raising awareness of topics such as marine biodiversity.

22 June 2017

A Warming Planet Jolts the Iconic Creatures of the Galápagos

Species that inspired Darwin’s theory of natural selection are facing new challenges to adapt.

20 June 2017

A warming planet jolts the creatures of the Galápagos

Species that inspired Darwin's theorry of natural selection are faicng new challenges to adapt

26 May 2017

Peru to reinforce natural protected areas conservation with German support

Peru will strengthen conservation of various marine and coastal protected areas thanks to a €10-million contribution by the German Government, Environment Minister Elsa Galarza announced on Tuesday

25 April 2017

When in the Amazon, Please Do Not Punch the Dolphins

The “encontro das águas” (meeting of waters) between the dark Negro River and the light-brown Solimões River is impressive.

20 April 2017

Diez viajes emocionantes para ver animales salvajes

Del Ártico a la sabana africana, enclaves para observar osos polares, leopardos, gorilas o el mágico movimiento de las belugas

27 March 2017