South & Central America & The Caribbean

Cuba Presents Plan 2016-2020 to Protect Its Biodiversity

Cuba presented today its plan for the preservation of its flora and fauna, a strategy under the auspices of the UNDP with 20 concrete actions by the end of this decade.

08 February 2017

Scientists report possible new hammerhead shark species

"Our finding of a new species in Belize highlights that there could be more undescribed ones out there, each one facing a unique set of threats," said marine scientist Damian Chapman.

02 February 2017

Más de 120 ecologistas han sido asesinados en Honduras desde 2010

Global Witness denuncia que “altos cargos políticos y élites empresariales” están ligados a una “violenta represión” de activistas

01 February 2017

Elites blamed for violence against environmental activists

After the murder of at least 123 activists since 2009 military coup, the Global Witness group points to involvement of politicians and business moguls

31 January 2017

Chile schafft einzigartiges Meeresschutzgebiet

Chile hat im südlichen Pazifik ein 11.000 Quadratkilometer großes Meeresschutzgebiet geschaffen.

30 January 2017

Dams be damned, let the world's rivers flow again

The flawed development model of dam-building has continued around the world. It’s time to give permanent protection to free-flowing rivers.

09 January 2017

Study: Recovery of Caribbean bats would take 8 million years

This incredibly long time required to restore diversity reveals the staggering consequences of extinctions," said researcher Liliana Dávalos

09 January 2017

Tourism: Boon or threat for the Galápagos?

The Galápagos Islands are treasure trove of wildlife found nowhere else in the world. But are tourists wanting to experience it up close protecting or endangering this unique biodiversity?

06 January 2017

Chilean family rescue humpback whale caught in fishing net

A family in Chile has saved a humpback whale which became entangled in an industrial fishing net.


05 January 2017

La lucha por la tierra acabó con la muerte de 176 activistas en 2016

La lucha por el territorio y los recursos ha provocado un aumento de la violencia en diversas partes del mundo, donde unas 176 personas, principalmente agricultores, indígenas y ab

12 December 2016