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South & Central America & The Caribbean

Conservation of Sea Turtles along the Coast of Peru

In order to conserve endangered species, it is highly important to manage information about the biology and ecology of their populations and also about the threats that had caused, and are still causing, their endangered situation. When the endangered species are migratory, the importance of this kind of information is higher due to the fact that conserving migratory species depends not only on one country but also on many countries around the world.

18 July 2014

Pew Applauds the British Virgin Islands for Establishing Permanent Shark Sanctuary

New protections boost regional commitment to shark conservation

The British Virgin Islands moved on May 22 to establish a permanent shark sanctuary in its waters.

22 May 2014

Dog Island in Anguilla is declared rat-free

Anguillan wildlife is already showing signs of recovery after the successful removal of black rats from Dog Island.

22 May 2014