North America

Accidental deaths of endangered North Atlantic right whales threaten species’ survival

At least 12 whales have died since April — or about 2 per cent of the population — nearly all of them in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

15 August 2017

Osprey skips migration to help its sister with broken wing. That's rare in the animal kingdom.

Reese Lukei recently not only came upon a young osprey stranded on its nest with a broken wing but found that its sibling had refrained from migrating south to stay home and feed its injured sister

04 August 2017

Tax breaks urged to protect species at risk

Private landowners could play an important part in conserving land for species at risk with some tax changes, suggests a new paper.

04 August 2017

Why do endangered right whales keep dying off the coast of Canada?

Researchers are racing for answers after at least 10 deaths of north Atlantic right whales, marking the deadliest year since tracking began

03 August 2017

Ivory destroyed in New York's Central Park (video)

10m (£7.6m) worth of ivory has been crushed in Central Park, New York.


03 August 2017

Eat, prey, love: bald eagles adopt baby hawk into their nest in Canada

The hawk, which is usually prey for eagles, is in excellent health after being taken in, and now ‘thinks he’s a bald eagle’, according to one expert

28 July 2017

Using IBAs to uncover America's hidden ecotourism paradises

BirdLife Partners in the United States, Bahamas, Belize and Paraguay are clubbing together to promote ecotourism in places where poverty overlaps with Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas (IBAs)

20 July 2017

Vaquita porpoise: Dolphins deployed to save rare species

Mexico's government says it plans to use dolphins trained by the US Navy to try to save the world's most endangered marine species, the vaquita porpoise.

01 July 2017

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Robird!

The latest line of defence in keeping wildlife from flight paths at the Edmonton International Airport is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called a robird.

20 June 2017

Whale entanglements skyrocket off the U.S. West Coast

Whale entanglements are rising, leading to concerns that current regulations are inadequate.

19 June 2017