North America

Fifty-foot sperm whale washes up on shore south of San Francisco

Decomposing carcass of 50-foot mammal examined by biologists to determine how it died as boaters warned to steer clear of whales

15 April 2015

Ungewöhnliche Paarung: Wenn der Eisbär mit dem Grizzly...

Seit einigen Jahren beobachten Biologen ein interessantes Phänomen in der Arktis: Eisbären paaren sich mit Grizzlybären.

03 April 2015

Tiny songbird can fly the Atlantic, scientists confirm

Blackpoll warbler songbird, which weighs 4.2 ounces, can fly 1700 miles non-stop from New England to South America

01 April 2015

Langstrecken-Profis: Singvögel fliegen 2500 Kilometer nonstop

Leichtgewichte auf der Langstrecke: Kleine Singvögel können bis zu drei Tage ohne Unterbrechung übers Meer fliegen. Es sei eine riskante Flieg-oder Stirb-Reise, berichten Biologen.

01 April 2015

Tagged mako shark traveled more than 7,300 in less than a year

Like his human counterparts, it eseems a shortfin mako shark tagged in Maryland has decided to visit the tropical waters off Puerto Rico

26 March 2015

Saving monarch butterflies means planting milkweed, Guelph biologist says

A concerted national effort to plant the traditionally unloved milkweed is needed to reverse a precipitous decline in the monarch butterfly population, conservationists say.

25 February 2015

Fit with tiny backpacks, songbirds reveal speed of migration at 311 miles a day

Using extra tiny geo-locator backpacks, researchers have tracked songbirds’ seasonal migrations for the first time, according to research published in Science .

12 February 2015

US launches plan to halt decline of monarch butterfly

$2m to be spent on growing milkweed and other butterfly-friendly plants along main migration routes from Minnesota to Mexico as population slumps by 90%

09 February 2015

Turtles head for freedom in Gulf of Mexico after rescue operation

Some 1,200 young and ‘cold-stunned’ Kemp’s ridley turtles who were stranded in Massachusetts last year have been released into warm waters off Louisiana

30 January 2015

Monarch butterfly population rises a little, but still perilously low

The world's migrating monarch butterfly population has bounced back slightly from its record low last year, but the new numbers are still the second smallest on record.

29 January 2015