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North America

Mass murder by botulism: invasive species drive bird-death surge

LELAND, Michigan—A midsummer overcast lifts as Lake Michigan changes from inky black to a deep blue-green.

18 September 2014

North America's key birds facing extinction, study finds

314 species, including the bald eagle and 10 state birds of US at risk from climate change

09 September 2014

California blue whales bounce back to near historic numbers

Researchers believe that California blue whales have recovered in numbers and the population has returned to sustainable levels.

05 September 2014

Vor 100 Jahren starb die letzte Wandertaube: Marthas einsamer Tod

Im 19. Jahrhundert verdunkelten Schwärme aus Millionen Wandertauben den Himmel über Nordamerika. Vor 100 Jahren starb das letzte Exemplar in einem Zoo.

02 September 2014

Puget Sound's endangered killer whales continue decline

Number of whales drops to 78, a figure not seen since 1985, with two deaths this year and no new calves since 2012

31 August 2014

Los barcos reducen su velocidad en California para salvar ballenas

Las embarcaciones reciben 2.500 dólares por evitar colisionar con los cetáceos y de paso disminuir la contaminación ambiental

31 August 2014

Mass bird fatalities at solar park cause concern

Reports have emerged about high numbers of birds burned to death at a solar energy facility in the southwestern US. What's behind this, is it happening elsewhere, and what can be done?

22 August 2014

Sharks winning Sharks Week: Obama acting to protect Amercia's oceans

President Ulysses S. Grant signed the legislation establishing Yellowstone National Park in 1872, making it the first such place preserved for future generations.

12 August 2014

Cleaner New York waters see surge in whale and shark numbers

Humpback whales and great white sharks are surging in numbers in the waters around New York City this summer, in a wildlife bonanza that is delighting naturalists, environmentalists and fishermen –

10 August 2014

Duck migration study reveals importance of conserving wetlands, researchers find

During the 2011 and 2012 migration seasons, University of Missouri researchers monitored mallard ducks with new remote satellite tracking technology, marking the first time ducks have been tracked

17 July 2014