North America

Stranded great white shark rescued from Massachusetts beach – video

A young great white shark is rescued from a sandbar in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on Tuesday.

15 July 2015

US crushes 'blood ivory' in New York's Times Square

The US government destroyed more than one US ton (907kg) of “blood ivory” before crowds in New York’s Times Square on Friday, in a move designed to signal a dramatic crackdown on the illegal trade.

19 June 2015

'A deaf whale is a dead whale': US navy sonars could be cause of strandings

Marine researchers speculate noise pollution in the Pacific is disrupting whales’ vital abilities to hear and migrate – and driving them ashore at an alarming rate

14 June 2015

Faszinierende Fotos: Killerwale auf Kuschelkurs

Erstmals haben Forscher Schwertwale mit einer Drohne beobachtet. Die beeindruckenden Aufnahmen vor Kanadas Nordwestküste zeigen den Gesundheitszustand der Meeressäuger - und ihren Spieltrieb.

09 June 2015

Sawfish escape extinction through 'virgin births', scientists discover

A routine DNA study has revealed surprising results which suggest that female sawfish in Florida are reproducing without mating with males

01 June 2015

Migrating Monarch Butterflies Might Actually Take to the Highway

The Monarch butterfly population has been in decline, but the North American insects are getting some unlikely help with their migration.


01 June 2015

30,000 wind turbines located in critical bird habitats

Tens of thousands of wind turbines have been installed in areas that are considered critical to migratory and threatened birds and that number is set to more than double in the future.

20 May 2015

Massive southern invasions by northern birds linked to climate shifts

Scientists have pinpointed the climate pattern that likely sets the stage for boreal bird irruptions in which vast numbers of northern birds migrate far south of their usual winter range.

11 May 2015

Silent Seashores

Gloucester, Massachusetts — As the spring days lengthen, shorebirds have begun their hemispheric migrations from South America to nesting grounds in Canada’s northern spruce and pine forests and th

01 May 2015