North America

When I'm sixty-four: world's oldest tracked bird returns to refuge with mate

The world’s oldest living tracked bird has returned to US soil to lay an egg at the sprightly age of 64.

30 November 2015

Northern white rhino dies in US, leaving only three alive

One of the world's last four remaining northern white rhinos has died in a zoo in the United States.

BBC News

23 November 2015

Piping plovers losing breeding habitat to wetland drainage

Piping plovers, a federally threatened species of shorebirds, are likely losing wetland breeding habitat in the Great Plains as a result of wetland drainage, climate change or both.

19 November 2015

Protect the environment: Eat these animals!

When the marine invasion started, the U.S. was taken by surprise -- and overrun.

19 November 2015

US and Cuba to sign agreement on marine conservation and research

The United States and Cuba are set to reach their first accord on environmental protection since announcing plans to re-establish diplomatic relations, linking up marine sanctuaries in both countri

18 November 2015

New Program Rates Bird-Smart Glass Products for Homeowners and Architects

Collisions with glass windows kill hundreds of millions of birds each year in the United States, but thanks to American Bird Conservancy's new Bird-Smart Glass Program, a list of 18 tested, proven

18 November 2015

Biotech bid to take shark off the menu and cut the fin trade

A new San Francisco startup is hoping to combat the trade in shark fins with biotechnology.

15 November 2015

Breeding flexibility helps migratory songbirds adjust to climate warming

Phenological mismatches, or a mistiming between creatures and the prey and plants they eat, is one of the biggest known impacts of climate change on ecological systems.

14 November 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger terminates tusk for anti-poaching campaign

The all-action movie star and former California senator Arnold Schwarzenegger has lent his weight to a campaign against ivory poaching by blowing up an elephant tusk on camera.

13 November 2015