Europe’s birds are disappearing

Sparrows and starlings are disappearing at an alarming rate in Europe. Richard Inger of the University of Exeter talks to DW about what is behind the decline and what can be done to stop it.

21 November 2014

Rescuers try to guide pod of whales off Essex coast into deeper water

Pilot whales spotted a mile offshore in area where there are several mud and sand flats

19 November 2014

¿Pueden convivir fauna y petróleo?

El mar estaba salpicado de troncos y cañas por todas partes

El Mundo

18 November 2014

Une énorme baleine échouée sur une plage de Camargue

"Un rorqual d'une quinzaine de mètres de long" a été retrouvé près des Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer. Les habitants sont stupéfaits.

08 November 2014

'Worst' bird of prey poisoner Allen Lambert given suspended sentence

A gamekeeper convicted of "the worst case of bird of prey poisoning" recorded in England has been given a 10-week suspended sentence.

06 November 2014

UK Hotspots for Sharks, Dolphins and Whales "Need Legal Protection"

Basking sharks and Harbour porpoises among speciews at risk from boat tours and foishing, says Wildlife Trusts

04 November 2014

Hundreds of birds of prey are being shot or poisoned in UK

RSPB calls on shooting industry to help stamp out problem as a report shows birds, including golden eagles, hen harriers and red kites were illegally killed last year.

30 October 2014

Illegal Med fishing claims up to two tons of swordfish per boat per day

A rampant lack of controls is allowing fishing boats in the Mediterranean to illegally pluck huge quantities of swordfish from waters off the Italian coast, according to an internal report by EU fi

29 October 2014

Rare Bewick's swan numbers show 'alarming crash'

The UK's smallest and rarest swan has suffered an "alarming crash in numbers", the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust has said.

27 October 2014

Nordsee: Vogelgrippe-Variante für Seehundsterben verantwortlich

Seit Anfang Oktober starben zahlreiche Seehunde auf deutschen Nordseeinseln. Nun steht die genaue Todesursache des Massensterbens fest: Eine Variante des Vogelgrippevirus.

24 October 2014