A collared pratincole pays a rare visit to Somerset

An exotic visitor, that should should have been sunning itself by the Mediterranean, attracts crowds of birdwatchers to the Ham Wall reserve.

21 August 2016

Unos veraneantes ayudan a unas ballenas varadas a regresar al mar

Bañistas en una playa de Lanzarote han ayudado a un grupo de cetáceos que se quedaron atrapados en la orilla.

20 August 2016

Between the Turbines: Consider the Marine Species Affected by Ocean Energy

The ocean harbours immense potential as a source of renewable energy, but accessing that energy can be damaging to marine species and their habitats.

16 August 2016

Balkan wildlife faces extinction threat from border fence to control migrants

Controversial razor-wire fence put up by Slovenia along its border with Croatia could wipe out local bear, lynx and wolf populations, say researchers.

11 August 2016

Eight tagged golden eagles disappear in Scottish Highlands

Inquiry begins after conservationists point to systematic persecution by gamekeepers but landowners say this is a political ploy.

11 August 2016

Forget Nessie, now is the time to spot basking sharks in Scottish waters

Hunted until the 1990s, UK basking shark numbers are still recovering, but August marks the height of the shark spotting season off Scotland’s West Coast.

10 August 2016

Rising seal numbers in Thames estuary hide triple threat to populations

Scientists conducting annual count of grey and common seals warn of potential impact of dredging, a deadly virus and predation between species.

10 August 2016

La France va-t-elle mettre fin au braconnage des ortolans ?

C’est une lutte qui se joue chaque année en même temps que la rentrée des classes.
09 August 2016

The EU is right to oppose a global ivory ban

Controversial proposals ahead of this year’s global wildlife trade summit threaten to fuel a divisive debate and divert attention away from the real measures needed to tackle the illegal ivory trad

09 August 2016