How Belgium is using the internet to find and get rid of invasive alien species

Invasive Alien Species are animals and plants that are introduced accidentally (like by passengers on international flights) or deliberately (like through trade) into an ecosystem where they are no

02 October 2015

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Seltene Walart in der Ostsee entdeckt

Ein Wal war am Freitag in der Wismarer Bucht gestrandet, Angler halfen ihm zurück ins Wasser. Jetzt stellt sich heraus: Das Tier ist ein seltener Sowerby-Zweizahnwal.

30 September 2015

The Wadden Sea is in danger, says first-ever migration report of whole East Atlantic Flyway

The Wadden Sea in Europe is a vast coastal wetland comprising tidal flats, islands, salt marshes and other habitats.

28 September 2015

It’s not just rightwingers – gannets hate wind farms too

Swooping birds are under threat from wind turbines. Clean energy is good for us, bad for them.

28 September 2015

We’re all birders now: the joys of an encounter with a winged stranger

A birdwatcher and writer explains why the rare sighting of an American flycatcher species in Kent caused such excitement.

26 September 2015

EU clamps down on grey squirrels and other invasive wildlife

EU embargo on trade, possession and transport of 37 invasive species filed at the WTO, but conservationists say species omitted for commercial reasons pose a major threat to biodiversity.

25 September 2015

Garden birds: Feeding brings blackcaps to the UK

Putting out birdfeed in Britain's gardens is shifting the migration of one particular winter visitor, the blackcap, scientists say.

24 September 2015

Malta referred to EU court over spring bird hunt

Critics say island custom of hunting birds migrating across Mediterranean is cruel because they are killed before they can breed.

24 September 2015

Save the World II – How Climate Change is Affecting Migratory Birds

The Save the World festival was staged for the second time in Bonn from 18 to 20 September bringing together well-known artists, UN experts and a variety of NGOs with the aim of highlighting in an entertaining yet still informative manner the consequences of climate change

21 September 2015

Birdwatch: Long-eared owl

Stephen Moss: In birding, as indeed in life, it’s what you don’t expect that can be confusing.

20 September 2015