Record-breaking number of European citizens call to protect nature

Almost half a million people are calling on the European Commission to save Europe's nature laws - by far the highest number of responses to a public consultation ever reached in the history of the

24 July 2015

Nesting sea turtles return to Sicily

Loggerhead sea turtles have returned to lay their eggs at a historical nesting site in Pozzolana di Ponente, on the island of Linosa, in Sicily.

22 July 2015

Growing threat to England's curlews from climate change

Much-loved birds including curlews and cuckoos are under a growing threat from climate change in England, according to a new report.

22 July 2015

Animals in Europe making a comeback

Some of Europe's endangered and disappeared animals are returning to the continent's diverse habitats with a little help from conservationists.

16 July 2015

Up to 50 sharks filmed in West Sussex

Up to 50 sharks have been spotted swimming in intertidal waters at RSPB Medmerry near Selsey in West Sussex


16 July 2015

Las cigüeñas reciben el alta

Caltia llora, inconsolable. El pollo de cigüeña que acaba de ayudar a soltar se ha marchado tras desperezarse, dar unos saltitos y probar un poco sus alas sin atreverse a volar todavía.

15 July 2015

Countries Meet to Tackle Threats to Europe’s Most Endangered Bird of Prey

Bonn / Abu Dhabi, 13 July 2015 – Government officials, NGOs and experts from over 30 countries met from 5 to 8 July in Sofia, Bulgaria, to develop a Flyway Action Plan for the Egyptian Vulture.

13 July 2015

Selfridges bans plastic water bottles in oceans conservation initiative

Move will affect 400,000 single-use bottles a year in food halls and restaurants, in effort to cut plastic waste and raise awareness of threat it poses to oceans

09 July 2015

Cooperation Between World Heritage for the Benefit of Migratory Birds: The Wadden Sea and Banc d’Arguin

Bonn, 8 July 2015 - Two natural World Heritage Sites - the Wadden Sea shared by Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands - and the Banc d’Arguin in Mauretania  are two critically impor

08 July 2015