Besser Nas-ohne-Horn?

Soll man Nashörnern die Hörner absägen und damit handeln, um Wilderern und Schwarzhandel den Markt zu entziehen?

25 September 2016

La migración de 4.000 kilómetros de una mariposa entre Europa y África

Documentan por primera vez que este insecto es capaz de seguir la misma ruta que realizan muchas aves.

22 September 2016

Prince William: African elephants could be gone from the wild by the time Charlotte turns 25

Duke of Cambridge tells audience at a conservation charity event in London that he is not prepared to be part of a generation that lets the species disappear from the wild.

22 September 2016

Conservationists and MPs call for a total UK ban on ivory sales

Group including William Hague, Jane Goodall and Stephen Hawking write to prime minister Theresa May saying recent crackdown on sales of ivory less than 70 years old does not go far enough.

22 September 2016

Delfine und Wale erobern die Ostsee

In den vergangenen Jahren wurden häufiger als früher Wale und Delfine in der Ostsee gesichtet. Was geht da vor sich?

19 September 2016

UK to ban fishing from a million square kilometres of ocean

Government creates marine protected areas around four islands in the Pacific and Atlantic, with commercial fishing banned in some areas.

15 September 2016

Spain could be first EU country with national park listed as 'in danger'

Doñana wetlands in Andalusia is home to thousands of species but has lost most of its natural water due to industry and faces ‘danger’ listing by Unesco.

15 September 2016

One in 10 UK wildlife species faces extinction, major report shows

State of Nature reveals the destructive impact of intensive farming, urbanisation and climate change on plants, animals and habitats.

14 September 2016

Germans flock to swim with friendly dolphin in Baltic Sea

Mammal allows swimmers to embrace it and appears to beckon children to play by nudging them with its nose.

13 September 2016

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Honoured for Outreach and Education Efforts

Bonn, 30 August 2016 - Today, the ASCOBANS Outreach and Education Award was presented to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), and accepted on behalf of the organization by its Chi

30 August 2016