Forscher rätseln über Massensterben bei Antilopen

Die Seuche wütete drei Wochen, dann waren mehr als 200.000 Saiga-Antilopen tot. Bisher dachte man, sie starben an einer Infektion mit Bakterien.

18 January 2018

Scientists uncover secret of 'mass mortality event' of endangered saiga antelopes in Central Asia

The sudden death of 200,000 critically endangered saiga antelopes in the remote steppe grassland of Central America was caused by unusual environmental conditions

18 January 2018

Mystery deepens over mass die-off of antelopes

A mass die-off of wild antelopes in Kazakhstan was triggered by environmental factors, scientists believe.


17 January 2018

A time bomb for the saiga? Bad news Central Asia’s beleaguered antelope

In May 2015, more than 200,000 saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica) suddenly died in Kazakhstan, reducing the global population of the critically endangered species by two-thirds.

17 January 2018

Scientists Think They've Finally Worked Out What Caused The Mass Death Of Saiga Antelopes Three Years Ago

Back in 2015, more than 200,000 saiga antelopes mysteriously died in Kazakhstan over a three week period, wiping out 60 percent of the global population.

17 January 2018

A Wet and Warm Spring, Then 200,000 Dead Saigas

Among saiga antelopes, the month of May ought to be about new life. But in 2015, it was just the opposite for the Betpak-Dala saiga population in central Kazakhstan.

17 January 2018

Why Did Two-Thirds of These Weird Antelope Suddenly Drop Dead?

The mass death of 200,000 saiga provides a dark omen for what might happen to wildlife in a changing world.

The Atlantic

17 January 2018

Scientists Confirm Cause of Saiga Mass Mortality Event in Central Asia

In May 2015, the world witnessed the unprecedented death of over 200,000 Saiga Antelopes in Kazakhstan. The mortality hit more than 80 per cent of the population in the Betpak-Dala region of the Central Asian country. Pasteurella multocida bacteria caused the catastrophic decline which left 200,000 animals of the Critically Endangered species dead. This corresponds to a 62 per cent crash in the global population within just three weeks.

17 January 2018