UNEA Side Event Highlights Link Between Healthy Vultures and Healthy People

Bonn, 24 May 2016 - “Healthy vultures, healthy people” is the title of a Green Room Event on vultures convened by BirdLife International on 25 May in the margins of the second sess

24 May 2016

Tanzania: Plea to Ban Illegal Birds Trade

Dar es Salaam — Animal experts at the University of Dar es Salaam have warned that the increasing pace of illegal killing, capturing and trading in wild birds is threatening to wipe out various spe

17 May 2016

The brutal economics of Zambia's illegal wildlife trade - in pictures

Frustrated by simplistic portrayals of poaching, photographer Benjamin Rutherford has documented the complex and violent trade in his new project, Nyama

16 May 2016

Will Zimbabwe Sell Off Its Rare ‘Painted Dogs’?

Zimbabwe’s plan to sell its wildlife could hasten the decline of Africa’s endangered wild dogs

12 May 2016

The natural jewels in Africa’s crown

It is impossible to look out over the winding waterways and lush green wetlands of the magnificent Okavango Delta and fail to understand the importance of conserving the natural world.

12 May 2016

What happened to the gorillas who met David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough's encounter with a family of mountain gorillas is one of the most iconic TV moments of his career so far. But what became of the other characters in those famous scenes?

12 May 2016

Poaching of old forest elephant matriarchs threatens rainforests

Elephants – the “forest gardeners”- learn from their mothers how to find food, understand their complex forest home, and interact with other elephants.

12 May 2016

There's a Reason Why Africa's Migratory Songbirds Sing Out of Season

Bird song has fascinated scientists for decades. Songs can be intricate, loud and, as it turns out, very important for reproductive success.

09 May 2016

Who is the 'Ivory Queen'?

A 66-year-old bespectacled Chinese woman may not be most people's idea of an ivory smuggling kingpin, but that's exactly what Tanzanian investigators say Yang Fengl

09 May 2016

On the frontline of Africa’s wildlife wars

Across central Africa, militias have turned the savannah into killing fields

08 May 2016