Éléphants : halte au braconnage !

Editorial du « Monde ». L’Histoire se répète tristement pour les animaux sauvages de la planète.

26 March 2015

Le trafic menace la survie des espèces protégées

Ils ne se trouvent qu’à quelques minutes en bateau de cette grande tente blanche dans laquelle une quarantaine de représentants d’Etats et d’organisations non gouvernementales se penchent sur leur

26 March 2015

African elephants facing 'extinction,' Botswana summit hears

The Africa Elephant Summit involving 20 nations has opened in Botswana with renewed warnings that the giant creature's numbers are falling dramatically.

23 March 2015

Elephant poaching crisis unchanged a year after global pledge

Poaching of elephants in Africa still exceeds natural rate of population growth a year after 46 countries pledged to control illegal ivory trade

23 March 2015

New UN-backed report finds ‘far too high’ levels of elephant poaching across Africa

An ongoing decline in overall elephant numbers remains likely as the poaching of African elephants continued to exceed population growth rates throughout 2014, a new United Nations-backed report wa

23 March 2015

Democratic Republic of Congo wants to open up Virunga national park to oil exploration

DRC government to consult Unesco to ‘explore judiciously’ in Africa’s most biodiverse park and a world heritage site

17 March 2015

DR Congo seeks Virunga park boundary change

The Democratic Republic of Congo says it wants to redraw the boundaries of Virunga National Park, a World Heritage site, to allow for oil exploration.

16 March 2015

CMS Executive Secretary Addresses AMCEN 15

The high-level segment of the 15th Session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) opened in Cairo, Wednesday

06 March 2015

Prince William ends China tour visiting the elephants he seeks to protect

Duke of Cambridge’s final day in China saw him focus on the threat to Africa’s wildlife from the ivory trade with a visit to the country’s last elephant population at a Yunnan reserve.

04 March 2015

Prince William in China: illegal wildlife trade a 'vicious form of criminality'

Duke of Cambridge calls for China to be a world leader in the fight against illegal trade in endangered animals such as elephants, rhino and pangolins on the last day of his visit to the country.

04 March 2015