En Afrique, le retour des chiens sauvages

Au crépuscule, entre chien et loup, sonne l’heure de la chasse chez les lycaons.
17 August 2016

For the Day of the Elephants, a Crash Course in Conservation

There is a moment of intense clarity just before a collision, when everything you’ve done to avoid it has failed…   As the now inevitable impact approaches, time seems to slow right down.

12 August 2016

The ivory trade isn’t just a disaster for elephants. It threatens our future too

Elephants prop up the forest and savannah ecosystems we need to store carbon. To stabilise the climate, we must stop their slaughter by ivory poachers.

12 August 2016

Elephants on the path to extinction - the facts

The world’s population of elephants is nearing a critical point. Karl Mathiesen explains why there has never been a more dangerous time to be an elephant.

12 August 2016

Does prohibiting local access to nature hurt African wildlife conservation?

Despite much publicity and the global community’s well-intentioned outcry, Africa’s poaching crisis pales in comparison to habitat loss, which is decimating f

11 August 2016

Why Africa’s lion economies actually need lions

The Priority Action Plan of the Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) has identified approximately 50 projects that will require about $360 billion in investment in this sector.

11 August 2016

The EU is right to oppose a global ivory ban

Controversial proposals ahead of this year’s global wildlife trade summit threaten to fuel a divisive debate and divert attention away from the real measures needed to tackle the illegal ivory trad

09 August 2016

Unlocking the mystery of Gabon's cuckoo migration – in pictures

Earlier this year photojournalist Toby Smith followed a group of migrating cuckoos to the forests of Gabon, west Africa.

08 August 2016

Britain is hastening the extinction of the African elephant

In 20 years, African elephants will be extinct if the UK doesn’t join the US and China in clamping down on the domestic ivory market.

07 August 2016

New, undescribed species of Scops owl documented on Príncipe island

A new species of Scops owl yet to be described to science has been documented on Príncipe, one of the two major islands that make up the country of São Tomé a

05 August 2016