En Namibie, la ferme modèle où l’on sauve les guépards

Depuis vingt-sept ans, Laurie Marker multiplie les actions pour faire coexister félins et fermiers, notamment grâce au berger d’Anatolie, et enrayer l’extinction en cours.

11 March 2018

Gorilla sanctuary workers in eastern DRC kidnapped by militia

Eighteen hostages are alive and abductors are demanding a large ransom, local sources say.

07 March 2018

From foe to friend: how carnivores could help farmers

Across the globe, the numbers of carnivore species such as leopards, dingoes, and spectacled bears are rapidly declining.

05 March 2018

Handel mit Flusspferd-Zähnen gerät außer Kontrolle

Die Jagd auf Elfenbein wird reglementiert, deshalb geraten andere Tiere in die Schusslinie: Flusspferde.

03 March 2018

This is why African Elephants will go extinct soon!

The two leftover African elephant species do not interbreed, it becomes important to specifically concentrate on conserving those African elephant species.

28 February 2018

African countries urged to harmonize laws on invasive species

African governments should harmonize their laws to safeguard countries from the invasive species, an expert said on Tuesday.

27 February 2018