Leopard's killing of rare African penguins sparks conservation debate

Some conservationists say endangered birds at the South African reserve take priority, but others argue that locally the big cat is rarer

22 June 2016

Smithsonian Study reveals Decline of Genetic Diversity in Wild Cheetahs

The planet’s last stronghold of wild cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) is losing genetic diversity at an alarming rate according to a new study from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institut

21 June 2016

Mass elephant relocation could save populations in parts of Africa

Experts in Malawi will move 500 elephants 185 miles across the country to a sanctuary that will act as a ‘reservoir’

20 June 2016

Inside the Fight to Save One of the World’s Most Dangerous Parks

Virunga, one of the wonders of Africa, is home to rare gorillas—and plagued by violence and economic tension

16 June 2016

Legal ivory sale drove dramatic increase in elephant poaching, study shows

Research shows the legal sale in 2008 catastrophically backfired – but two African nations want to repeat the stockpile sell-off

13 June 2016