In Costa Rica, a turtle’s suffering puts spotlight on need to reduce use of plastics

The plight of a Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle that biologists in Costa Rica rid of a plastic straw stuck in its nose highlights the need to reduce the use of the synthetic material, since 8 million tons

21 August 2015

México despliega drones para evitar la caza furtiva de huevos de tortuga

El Gobierno vigila por aire los nidos de especies en peligro de extinción como la golfina.  Soldados y policías llegan a las playas de Oaxaca al inicio de la temporada de desove

21 August 2015

Mexico to Strengthen Protection of Endangered Species

Mexico will strengthen the protection of the olive ridley sea turtles on the beaches of the states of Oaxaca and Michoacan, by intensifying their operatives in the natural spawning areas of this en

19 August 2015

Nesting sea turtles return to Sicily

Loggerhead sea turtles have returned to lay their eggs at a historical nesting site in Pozzolana di Ponente, on the island of Linosa, in Sicily.

22 July 2015

Turtles' future at risk as scientists show rising sea levels affect egg hatchings

Eggs submerged under seawater are less likely to hatch, study at world’s largest green turtle nesting site on the Great Barrier Reef shows

22 July 2015

Turtle-cam Reveals Unique View of Great Barrier Reef

A small high-quality camera has been attached to the shell of a turtle giving a unique view of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

02 July 2015

WWF: Follow Sabah and Sarawak and ban turtle egg sales nationwide

There should be a nationwide ban on the trade of sea turtle eggs of any kind, and not just in Sabah and Sarawak, said the World Wide Fund for Nature

29 June 2015

To the rescue: Helping threatened Mediterranean sea turtles

Researchers Ullmann and Stachowitsch critically review the current state of sea turtle rescue centres and first-aid stations in relation to the mortality trends for two charismatic yet endangered f

24 June 2015

Cutting plastic waste to save marine life might raise living costs, Queensland MP says

The Queensland opposition has urged the government to resist a scheme to cut marine wildlife deaths by restricting plastic bag use because they say it will raise th

08 June 2015