Climate change threatens sea turtle population: study

Climate change may imbalance the sea turtle population as above 29 degrees celsius mainly female sea turtles are born while below 29 degrees celsius more males are born

23 June 2017

Schildkrötentumor lässt Forscher rätseln

Ein Herpesvirus lässt bei Reptilien auf rätselhafte Weise Tumoren wachsen - vor allem die Grüne Meeresschildkröte ist betroffen. In einigen Küstenregionen ist die Art bereits verschwunden.

15 June 2017

It's high season for turtles to set out in search of the perfect nest

If you are driving near the water in the Senneville area, you might want to keep an eye out for wandering turtles

24 May 2017

Seychelles: Climate Change, Not Poaching, the Bigger Threat to Hawksbill Turtles in Seychelles

Poaching is no longer the main threat to hawksbill turtles in Seychelles but rather the effects of climate change, a local conservationist said now that the nesting season has ended.

14 May 2017

Light pollution has serious impact on coastal wildlife, research shows

Scientists have recognised for some years that light pollution from buildings, vehicles and streetlights is a growing phenomenon that impacts on the behaviour and success of many animals including

01 May 2017

Bank the turtle dies after swallowing 900 coins thrown in her pond

Sea turtle that lived in public pond in Thailand dies of blood poisoning despite surgery to remove 5kg of loose change from her stomach.

21 March 2017

Sea turtles of São Tomé: Selling what can’t be sold

Sea turtle fishing has been outlawed in the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe since 2014, but for the people letting go of this longstanding tradition continues to be a struggle. 

20 March 2017

Tampones, bolsas, preservativos, colillas, la dieta letal de las tortugas del Mediterráneo

No le pega a la arena blanca de Racó d'en Xic, una de las calitas que conforman las playas de Comte, incluida en todos los rankings de paraísos naturales más bellos del mundo, el cadáver de una tor

13 March 2017

Schildkröte als Sparschwein: Ärzte entfernten fast 1.000 Münzen aus Magen

Weibchen wird nunmehr "Sparschwein" gerufen und soll nach Genesung ausgewildert werden -

06 March 2017