Support for International Conservation of Sharks and Rays in Oceania is Growing as New Zealand Joins the CMS Sharks MOU

Bonn, 13 July 2015 - New Zealand signed the UNEP/CMS Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks (Sharks MOU) on 6 July 2015. 

13 July 2015

A data trove to support a hoped-for shark sanctuary in Indonesia

Conservation efforts in the Gili Matra marine preserve are turning this protected area into a safe haven for sharks.

18 November 2016

Watching over our wildlife - from above

A clever tracking innovation, combining the use of drones with radio tags and dubbed DroneCounts, has scooped a major conservation award.

08 November 2016

22 years and counting – the two whale sharks calling Ningaloo home

They’re believed to be the longest studied wild sharks in the world, providing critical insight into the mysterious endangered species.

12 October 2016

Drones monitor 'dramatic' weight loss of southern right whales during calving season

The changing size of mother whales is being tracked after the southern white whale came back from the brink of extinction.

11 October 2016

Verhaltensforschung: Warum Vögel mit Eiern reden

Zum Ende der Nistzeit zwitschern Vögel ihren Eiern zu. Offenbar berichten Eltern ihrem Nachwuchs vom Wetter - die Küken profitieren.

19 August 2016

Zebra finch 'heat song' changes hatchling development

When the weather is hot, zebra finches in Australia sing to their eggs - and these "incubation calls" change the chicks' development, a study has found.

19 August 2016

'The blob': how marine heatwaves are causing unprecedented climate chaos

Wide-scale disruption from warming oceans is increasing, but they could change our understanding of the climate.

14 August 2016

Neuseeland: Katzen sollen Chips zum Vogelschutz tragen

Viele Katzen haben Singvögel zum Fressen gern. Was lässt sich dagegen tun? In Neuseeland soll nun Technik das Problem lösen. Katzenfreunde sind wenig begeistert.

04 August 2016

Queensland fisherman caught selling bills of endangered sawfish

A commercial fisher in Queensland has been caught selling bills of sawfish, which experts say are the world’s most endangered marine fish.

03 August 2016