Turtle-cam Reveals Unique View of Great Barrier Reef

A small high-quality camera has been attached to the shell of a turtle giving a unique view of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

02 July 2015

Great Barrier Reef spared Unesco 'in danger' listing

United Nations heritage body Unesco has voted not to put Australia's Great Barrier Reef on its world danger list.


01 July 2015

Unesco: Great Barrier Reef bleibt Welterbe - vorerst

Das Welterbekomitee der Unesco lässt Australiens Regierung nicht aus der Pflicht.

01 July 2015

Antarctic orcas swim to New Zealand

Killer whales from Antarctic are swimming as far as Northland in New Zealand's north, researchers have found.

27 June 2015

Zufallsfang: Fischern geht seltener Riesenhai ins Netz

Er ist 6,3 Meter lang: Australische Fischer haben einen Riesenhai als Beifang aus dem Meer gezogen. Das seltene Tier soll jetzt in einem Museum untersucht und nachgebaut werden.

24 June 2015

Gift of rare basking shark to Victorian scientists 'fantastic' for research

The 3,500kg, 6.5-metre ‘gentle giant’ accidentally netted by trawler in Bass Strait and donated to Museum Victoria

23 June 2015

Dolphin death prompts ban on factory fishing trawlers in NSW-Victoria zone

The Australian fisheries management authority closes small ocean zone after 95-metre Geelong Star reports its ninth dolphin kill since mid-April.

22 June 2015

Cutting plastic waste to save marine life might raise living costs, Queensland MP says

The Queensland opposition has urged the government to resist a scheme to cut marine wildlife deaths by restricting plastic bag use because they say it will raise th

08 June 2015

First Australian shorebirds on critically endangered species list

For the first time in Australia, shorebirds have hit the critically endangered list

29 May 2015

'Loud wakeup call' over critically endangered dolphin

The smallest and rarest marine dolphin in the world could be extinct within 15 years if protection is not stepped up, new research suggests.

26 May 2015