Migrating songbirds falling prey to rapid urbanisation

Many songbirds that fly south to Asia between November and February are under threat, and researchers calling for more global cooperation to protect them.

23 February 2015

En Australie, l’inexorable disparition des mammifères

En Australie, on ne s’attendrit pas à la vue de lapins, de renards ou de chats sauvages.

19 February 2015

Farewell Spit in Neuseeland: 64 von rund 200 gestrandeten Grindwalen gerettet

Fast 200 Grindwale haben sich an die Küste Neuseelands verirrt. Mit der Hilfe von rund 500 Freiwilligen schafften es 64 von ihnen wieder ins Meer - doch die Sorge um sie ist noch nicht vorbei.

16 February 2015

New Zealand rescuers refloat 60 stranded whales

Whales ‘swimming into deep water’ after help from volunteers and conservation staff following mass stranding on Farewell Spit at top of South Island

14 February 2015

Out of the blue, on the edge of the world, killer whales converge to feast

In the first of a series of special reports on extraordinary marine environments under threat, Guardian Australia’s ocean correspondent visits a ‘pinprick’ in the Southern Ocean where, once a year,

13 February 2015

Mass whale stranding in New Zealand kills 24 with more fatalities expected

Almost 200 pilot whales became stuck on Farewell Spit in Golden Bay, prompting nearly 100 volunteers to help refloat them

13 February 2015

Australian mammals on brink of 'extinction calamity'

Australia has lost one in ten of its native mammals species over the last 200 years in what conservationists describe as an "extinction calamity".

10 February 2015

Australiens Tierwelt: Warum Koala, Wombat und Schnabeltier aussterben

In Australien leben Tiere, die nirgendwo sonst vorkommen. Doch viele sind bedroht. Forscher machen Katzen und Füchse für einen Teil des Schwunds verantwortlich.

10 February 2015

Sea turtles fall victim to 'alarming' flood of plastics entering Australian waters

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is treating unprecedented numbers of marine animals that have swallowed plastic debris and scientists say the tide of litter is only rising

28 January 2015