North America

Wahrscheinlich ältester Gorilla der Welt gestorben

Sie war der erste Gorilla, der in einem Zoo geboren wurde. Nun ist Colo mit 60 Jahren in Columbus gestorben – als wahrscheinlich ältester Gorilla der Welt.

17 January 2017

Climate change has mixed effects on migratory geese

Climate change improves the breeding chances of migratory geese in the Arctic – but puts mother geese at more risk of death, according to a new study.

16 January 2017

Does the bald eagle's comeback spell bad news for other species?

The national bird has made a dramatic comeback in the last few decades. But now, the predator is seeking out livestock and even some endangered species as food.

15 January 2017

Mutter-Tochter-Stress im Orca-Reich

Schwertwal-Weibchen werden uralt, können aber den Großteil ihres Lebens keinen Nachwuchs bekommen. Warum nicht? Forscher haben nun eine Antwort gefunden.

13 January 2017

Vögel fliegen Vögeln zum XXXX hinterher

Fortpflanzung, das ist das oberste Ziel männlicher Graubruststrandläufer. Um möglichst viele Weibchen zu begatten, legt manches Männchen Tausende Kilometer Flugstrecke zurück.

10 January 2017

Researchers identify monarch butterfly birthplaces to help conserve species

University of Guelph researchers have pinpointed the North American birthplaces of migratory monarch butterflies that overwinter in Mexico, vital information that will help conserve the dwindling s

10 January 2017

Sandpipers go the extra 8,000 miles to have as much sex as possible

Small birds were observed travelling to as many as 24 different breeding sites in Alaska within six weeks, further than flying from Paris to Moscow.

10 January 2017

US plans to save polar bears are toothless, says climate scientist

US strategy offers no solution to address threat of greenhouse gases on decline of sea ice habitat.

09 January 2017

Dams be damned, let the world's rivers flow again

The flawed development model of dam-building has continued around the world. It’s time to give permanent protection to free-flowing rivers.

09 January 2017

Last endangered Mexican porpoises to be rounded up by US Navy-trained dolphins

Conservation plan involves sending dolphins into Gulf of California to find vaquita and then surface to raise the alarm

04 January 2017