North America

Migratory birds are not a reservoir for highly pathogenic flu viruses, evidence suggests

The H5 avian influenza A virus that devastated North American poultry farms in 2014-15 was initially spread by migratory waterfowl, but evidence suggests such highly pathogenic flu viruses do not p

25 July 2016

Mexico bans night fishing, gillnets to protect vaquita porpoise

Mexican authorities are banning night fishing and gill nets in an area inhabited by the endangered vaquita marina porpoise in the upper Gulf of California.

20 July 2016

New Schemes Pay You to Save Species—But Will They Work?

Programs being set up in the American West are taking a radical new approach: paying landowners to preserve animal habitat.
13 July 2016

Kayaker captures video of humpback whales feasting in San Francisco Bay

The feeding frenzy lasted roughly half an hour before the mammals swam back to the Pacific Ocean under the Golden Gate Bridge.

13 July 2016

Longest study of Great Lakes region birds finds populations holding steady

In three national forests -- the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin and the Superior and Chippewa National Forests in Northern Minnesota -- analysis of more than two decades of data f

12 July 2016

Binding agreement on high seas fishing in Arctic Ocean needed, says conservation group

‘A treaty needs to be broad enough and strong enough that it can stand up internationally,’ Oceans North.

09 July 2016

Dead whale towed off California beach and back to sea after big stink

Authorities used boats and ropes attached to tail to pull the humpback far out into the water before Fourth of July weekend crowds began arriving.

02 July 2016

New York's whales to be studied for the first time

Scientists hope new information will help protect the little-understood whale population that feeds and travels through the city’s waters

28 June 2016

Golden eagles remain endangered in Mexico

Only about 100 couples remain in the wild, according to official estimates

Mexico News Daily

21 June 2016