North America

Canada missed deadline to raise objections about endangered species convention

Canada is alone among the world’s countries in issuing a blanket rejection of all proposed changes to an international convention on the trade in endangered species that would better protect animal

11 April 2017

For whales, Southern California soundscape is a mixed bag

"This analysis framework will help guide our on-going effort to protect whales from direct and indirect interactions with ships," said Chris Mobley, superintendent of the Channel Islands National M

11 April 2017

Diez viajes emocionantes para ver animales salvajes

Del Ártico a la sabana africana, enclaves para observar osos polares, leopardos, gorilas o el mágico movimiento de las belugas

27 March 2017

Research questions effectiveness of translocation conservation method

New research by University of Arkansas biologists suggests that supplementing the numbers of a threatened species with individuals from other locations might not be as effective for some species
22 March 2017

Sea otters ahead of dolphins in using tools

Sea otters may have been using stone tools for thousands or even millions of years, according to scientists. 


22 March 2017

Mort d'un des derniers marsouins de Californie

Un bébé de l'espèce de cétacé la plus menacée au monde a été retrouvé sur une plage mexicaine. Il ne reste plus que 30 individus.

17 March 2017

Bald eagle population threatened by lead poisoning, US scientists warn

The famous bird has rebounded across America, but many fear that progress is threatened by lead ammunition that ends up in carrion the eagles eat.

16 March 2017

Keeping up with the Juncos: How birds thrive or die in the suburbs

Surviving in land that’s suddenly being transformed from forest to suburb isn’t a particularly easy change for birds, but some species find a way to thrive in suburban areas while others reproduc
15 March 2017

Milkweed losses may not fully explain monarch butterfly declines

Monarch butterfly declines cannot be attributed merely to declines in milkweed abundance, researchers report.

14 March 2017

Rapid decline of Arctic sea ice a combination of climate change and natural variability

The dramatic decline of Arctic sea ice in recent decades is caused by a mixture of global warming and a natural, decades-long atmospheric hot spot over Greenland and the Canadian Arctic.

13 March 2017