North America

Where Do Songbirds Go to Die?

After revolutionizing bird-migration science over the past decade, geolocation technology is poised to shine light on the field’s darkest mystery.

17 November 2017

Declining baby songbirds need forests to survive drought

Before cutting down forest, land managers in drought prone areas might first consider the birds in the trees.

19 October 2017

Butterfly swarm shows up on Denver radar system

A colourful, shimmering spectacle detected by weather radar over the US state of Colorado has been identified as swarms of migrating butterflies.

06 October 2017

Das ist kein Sturm - sondern eine Schmetterlingswolke

Ein US-Meteorologe starrt ungläubig auf seinen Bildschirm - weil er dort eine riesige Wolke sieht. Eine Wolke aus Lebewesen. Er wird Zeuge einer faszinierenden Wanderung.

05 October 2017

Grey seal population growing, but not nearly as much as in recent decades

Population growth has slowed to about 4 per cent annually, down from decades of 13 per cent increases

05 October 2017

Climate change affecting whooping cranes' migration patterns, study finds

Endangered whooping cranes are migrating earlier in the spring and later in the fall in association with higher average temperatures, according to a new study from the University of Nebraska-Lincol

29 September 2017