North America

'Polar bear hybrid' shot in Canada

A possible grizzly-polar bear hybrid has been shot by a hunter in northern Canada.


25 May 2016

XXI Meeting of the Canada/Mexico/U.S. Trilateral Committee for Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management

The slogan of the XXI Meeting of the Trilateral Committee held in Ottawa, 16-19 May was “Celebrating 100 years of conservation of migratory birds and their habitats and looking ahead to the next 100 years”.

24 May 2016

Love in the time of climate change: Grizzlies and polar bears are now mating

Most Alaskans and Canadians have a bear story - tales of fearsome grizzlies, even polar bears. But a mix of the two?

23 May 2016

Crisis for migratory birds-Americas, Europe

The situation is shocking to say the least. Many species of migratory birds we think are quite common, are actually threatened with extinction.

23 May 2016

Human Activity May Wipe Out One-Third Of North American Birds

Climate change and other manmade problems are driving 37 percent of North American birds to extinction, report finds.

23 May 2016

Hunting sharks - for science

They are majestic, awe-inspiring and not a little bit terrifying. But for Chris Fischer, a one-time fisherman and now a devoted conservationist, they are a mystery that needs to be solved.

19 May 2016

Over a third of North American bird species in danger: scientists

More than a third of all North American bird species are at risk of becoming extinct unless significant action is taken, scientists who are part of a tri-nation initiative said on Wednesday, adding

18 May 2016

Pizzly or grolar bear: grizzly-polar hybrid is a new result of climate change

Grizzly bears in Alaska and Canada are moving north as their environment warms, bringing them into contact with polar bears located on the coastline

18 May 2016

Study: Less beach debris equals more sea turtle nests

Most of Florida's sea turtle species are either endangered or threatened.
17 May 2016

Endangered Monarch Butterflies Face Their Greatest Threat High in the Hills of Central Mexico

The monarch butterfly is now facing a potentially lethal threat to its over-wintering habitat in Mexico’s oyamel fir forests.

04 May 2016