North America

Saving monarch butterflies means planting milkweed, Guelph biologist says

A concerted national effort to plant the traditionally unloved milkweed is needed to reverse a precipitous decline in the monarch butterfly population, conservationists say.

25 February 2015

Fit with tiny backpacks, songbirds reveal speed of migration at 311 miles a day

Using extra tiny geo-locator backpacks, researchers have tracked songbirds’ seasonal migrations for the first time, according to research published in Science .

12 February 2015

US launches plan to halt decline of monarch butterfly

$2m to be spent on growing milkweed and other butterfly-friendly plants along main migration routes from Minnesota to Mexico as population slumps by 90%

09 February 2015

Turtles head for freedom in Gulf of Mexico after rescue operation

Some 1,200 young and ‘cold-stunned’ Kemp’s ridley turtles who were stranded in Massachusetts last year have been released into warm waters off Louisiana

30 January 2015

Monarch butterfly population rises a little, but still perilously low

The world's migrating monarch butterfly population has bounced back slightly from its record low last year, but the new numbers are still the second smallest on record.

29 January 2015

Monarch butterflies rebound but levels in Mexico still at near-record low

Migrating butterflies covered 2.79 acres in wintering grounds but World Wildlife Fund says they suffer from habitat loss in US, illegal logging and climate change

27 January 2015

Lolita the killer whale closer to freedom with inclusion on endangered list

Decision could trigger a lawsuit by activists who want to fly the orca from Miami and prepare her for release into the wild.

25 January 2015

Great Lakes struggling with invisible threat of plastic microfibre pollution

Tiny synthetic fibres from clothes, cleaning cloths and consumer products are getting stuck inside fish in ways that other microplastics are not

09 January 2015

US Bird Count Shows Climate Change Affecting Migration Patterns

Soon after daybreak just south of Washington in Virginia, a small group of bird watchers peers through  binoculars, excited about seeing a var

08 January 2015