North America

Gefährliche Pilzerkrankung: Mangelnde Anpassung sorgt für Fledermaus-Massensterben

Ein eigentümlicher Pilz rafft in Nordamerika Millionen Fledermäuse dahin. In Europa überleben die Tiere das gefürchtete Weißnasen-Syndrom dagegen. Warum? Forscher haben nun eine Antwort.

01 February 2016

Feds expand protected habitat for right whales along East Coast

"We’re making significant progress in reversing the population decline of the species," said Eileen Sobeck, assistant NOAA administrator.

27 January 2016

Tourism with bite: swimming with the great white shark

Diving off Guadalupe Island was a biologist’s paradise for shark specialist Lauren Smith. The best bit? Seeing the drama of a great white shark defecatin.

19 January 2016

Thousands of starved birds found on Alaskan beaches

Whales, sea otters and fish have also experienced abnormally high mortality rates over the last several months.

12 January 2016

Environment group warns against reducing manatees' endangered status

US government move to downgrade the conservation status of manatees and green sea turtles is premature, group says, despite signs species are recovering

12 January 2016

China's craze for 'aquatic cocaine' is pushing two species into oblivion

Affluent Chinese are putting two Mexican species at risk due to demand for dried swim bladders. But will this year’s CITES meeting on the wildlife trade force a crackdown?

11 January 2016

Numbers dwindle at Mexico's mountain of butterflies

Decline of Monarch population wintering in Mexico now marks a statistical long-term trend, experts say.

09 January 2016

World's oldest tagged bird recently mated, expected to lay egg

The world's oldest tracked bird, a 64-year-old albatross named Wisdom, is back on American soil and she

01 December 2015

When I'm sixty-four: world's oldest tracked bird returns to refuge with mate

The world’s oldest living tracked bird has returned to US soil to lay an egg at the sprightly age of 64.

30 November 2015