North America

Saving the albatross: 'The war is against plastic and they are casualties on the frontline'

Following his shocking photographs of dead albatross chicks and the diet of plastic that killed them, Chris Jordan’s new film is a call to action to repair our broken relationship with planet Earth

12 March 2018

The Dark Warning of an Early Spring

On Presidents’ Day, the high in Nashville was 76 degrees; the next day it hit 80.

11 March 2018

Flipping magic: on the turtle trail in Barbados

Watching turtle hatchlings make it to the sea is just one of many good reasons to visit Barbados in low season.

04 March 2018

North Atlantic right whales may face extinction after no new births recorded

Declining fertility and rising mortality, exacerbated by fishing industry, prompts experts to warn whales could be extinct by 2040

26 February 2018

Die vielen Tode des Atlantischen Nordkapers

Der Atlantische Nordkaper wurde so intensiv bejagt, dass ihn auch Fangverbote wohl nicht mehr retten können. Ein Forscher auf Cape Cod dokumentiert, wie die Letzten ihrer Art zugrunde gehen.

26 February 2018

Protecting America’s Last Great Animal Migrations

The interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, recently directed the agencies in his department to work with s

23 February 2018

Canada to introduce mandatory reporting of whale interactions this year

DFO is also considering temporary closures for fishing grounds where significant numbers of whales are present

19 February 2018

Increased efforts to save rare harbour porpoise

Mexico plans to protect the harbour porpoise - an endemic Mexican species in danger of extinction

15 February 2018