North America

The Observer Inuit fear they will be overwhelmed as ‘extinction tourism’ descends on Arctic

Visit of giant cruise ship will bring money and tourists to the Northwest Passage, but fears grow for the area’s people and its ecosystem.

21 August 2016

Au Canada, des webcams pour étudier les bélugas

Deux caméras, une sur le pont et l’autre immergée, toutes deux contrôlées par un opérateur depuis la terre ferme, retransmettent les sorties du navire dans l’estuaire de
17 August 2016

New species of fossil dolphin found

Scientists have identified a new species of dolphin that lived 25 million years ago.


17 August 2016

'The blob': how marine heatwaves are causing unprecedented climate chaos

Wide-scale disruption from warming oceans is increasing, but they could change our understanding of the climate.

14 August 2016

Wildlife officials urge people to stop painting endangered turtle shells

‘If you want to paint something, paint a rock,’ Florida officials implore after shells of a threatened tortoise species were found daubed with paint.

09 August 2016

El cóndor, amenazado en California por la contaminación presente en los mamíferos marinos que come

Poseen entre 12 y 100 veces más concentración de mercurio y otros contaminantes en plasma que los ejemplares que viven alejados del mar.

08 August 2016

Researchers using high-tech, scientific tools rewrite the bird books

Tracking technology shows migratory birds need broader protection than thought, new report says.

08 August 2016

Great white shark feast caught on film points to population rebound in US

A resurgence of gray seals, a favorite food, has been credited for the shark’s comeback on the Atlantic coast – but sighting has led to beach closures.

07 August 2016

They have a body and a killer. But the case of the dead brown bat makes no sense to scientists.

White nose syndrome, the mass killer of bats from the East Coast to Oklahoma, somehow afflicted a little brown bat in the Cascade Mountains region of Washington.

04 August 2016