Deutsche Nordsee: Zwergwale und Riesenhai gesichtet

Normalerweise leben sie weit draußen im Meer, doch nun wurden Zwergwale und ein Riesenhai im deutschen Teil der Nordsee beobachtet.

24 June 2016

Rise of border fences hampers wildlife movements

The growth of border fences in Central and Eastern Europe in recent years is a "major threat" to wildlife, according to a new study.

23 June 2016

Ostsee: Die lange Suche nach den Geisternetzen

Abertausende verlorene Fischernetze treiben in den Ozeanen, sie bedrohen Lebewesen.

22 June 2016

CMS Secretariat visits Bonn International School

Four representatives from the CMS Secretariat’s Terrestrial Species Unit visited the Bonn International School to give a presentation about CMS and what they do to conserve migrating animals.

22 June 2016

Twenty Years of UN Presence in Bonn

The Secretariats of the Convention and the Bonn-based Agreements are participating in a new venture – a joint website of the 18 UN agencies located in the city.

22 June 2016

Poisonous tropical lionfish could be spreading through Mediterranean

Voracious predator with sting that has been known to kill humans is spotted in waters off Turkey and Cyprus

21 June 2016

EU strikes blow against illegal wildlife trade

The EU's approval of wildlife trade measures helps even up the battle against a long list of foes: criminal gangs, tribes hunting to feed their families, even corrupt guards supposed to protect ani

20 June 2016

Fundraising drive aims to save seabird paradise

World heritage site of St Kilda, 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides, is suffering a dramatic fall in species due to warming seas

19 June 2016

European Commission Champions Migratory Wildlife Conservation

Today the CMS Secretariat celebrates a new Champion for migratory species under the dedicated programme which aims at promoting the work under the CMS Family as well as encouraging and recognizing medium- and long-term support for conservation actions.

17 June 2016

Sea eagle reintroduced to Isle of Mull - photo essay

The sea eagle, also known as the white-tailed eagle, was driven to extinction in Britain earlier this century.

16 June 2016