Tourism boosts Iceland's whaling industry

Iceland's anti-whaling campaigners confront massive demand for whale meat driven by restaurants catering to tourists.

17 February 2017

Tiny plastic pellets found on 73% of UK beaches

Great Winter Nurdle Hunt finds thousands of pellets used in plastic production washed up on shorelines around country.

17 February 2017

Ivory tells the history of the world – it must never be banned

UK legislation to ban ivory products from across history would criminalise some of the greatest art the world has seen. We need reason, not passion, in the fight against poaching.

16 February 2017

International Action Plan to Tackle the African-Eurasian Vulture Crisis

An International Action Plan for vultures is being developed at an expert meeting convened by the Coordinating Unit of the Raptors MoU under the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) in from 16 to 19 February in Toledo, Spain. The plan aims to prevent the further decline of vultures which are nature’s primary scavengers, providing indispensable ecological services as carrion feeders and disposers of disease-carrying carcasses.

16 February 2017

Bat hibernation: Scottish quest to solve puzzle – in pictures

It remains a mystery as to where most of Scotland’s bats hibernate. Anne Youngman and John Haddow conduct a survey in a disused quarry tunnel and at Doune Castle.

15 February 2017

The Vanishing: Europe’s farmland birds

The Head of Conservation for BirdLife Europe & Central Asia explains how intensive agriculture has made farmland birds one of the most threatened bird groups in Europe.

12 February 2017

Floods and erosion are ruining Britain’s most significant sites

From Wordsworth’s gardens to the south’s white cliffs and salmon rivers in Wales, climate change is wrecking historic sites, finds report.

07 February 2017

Norway wants tourists to slow down and travel more sustainably

Cruise ships and Disney's 'Frozen' have led to crowds of unprecedented size, about which Norwegians are not entirely happy.

06 February 2017