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Farmland birds show rapid decline

Farmland birds are at their lowest levels since records began, according to government figures.


23 October 2014

Albania’s Coastal Wetlands: Killing Field for Migrating Birds

Millions of birds migrating between Africa and Europe are being illegally hunted on the Balkan Peninsula, with the most egregious poaching occurring in Albania.

23 October 2014

2014/029: Regional Allocation of Israel

To determine the membership of the Standing Committee and for other purposes, the Conference of the Parties has established six major geographic regions: Africa, Asia, South and Central America and

23 October 2014

Nordsee: Grippeviren haben Seehundsterben ausgelöst

Binnen weniger Tage sind 350 Seehunde auf deutschen Nordseeinseln verendet. Nun steht die Ursache des Massensterbens fest: eine Virusinfektion.

20 October 2014

Poisoned vulture could herald European bird crisis

Death linked to drugs whose use in cattle devastated vulture populations in India

16 October 2014

Birds that migrate from UK to Africa in winter declining drastically, RSPB says

Nightingale and turtle dove among populations that have seen dramatic long-term fall in number, annual RSPB report says

16 October 2014

Slender-billed curlew: Where has Europe's rarest bird gone?

The Danube delta, where the river flows into the Black Sea, is a magnet for birds - the lakes and marshes are host to more than 300 different species.

15 October 2014

Wattenmeer: An der Nordsee sterben dutzende Seehunde

Jeden Tag werden neue Kadaver angeschwemmt: An der Nordsee sterben derzeit Dutzende Seehunde.

13 October 2014

Armi, piombo e malattie

Le munizioni per la caccia sono l'unica importante fonte del pericoloso metallo rimasta nell'ambiente.

07 October 2014