Kylu, la beluga imposible

La cría del Oceanogràfic se convierte en un hito para las investigaciones sobre la especie ártica

17 August 2017

Spare a thought for the curlew's sinister, self-effacing cousin

Harbour, East Sussex The omens are bad for the whimbrel, a summer visitor that has all but disappeared from the estuary

The Guardian

14 August 2017

Bats set up home inside dinosaur at Devon theme park

Rare bats have set up home inside a dinosaur at a theme park in north Devon.Bats set up home inside dinosaur at Devon theme park

14 August 2017

UK named as world's largest legal ivory exporter

A new trade analysis reveals the scale of Britain’s role in the international ivory trade

10 August 2017

Prague zoo visitors can newly help save endangered animal species

Visitors to the Prague Zoo can contribute to the protection of four critically endangered animal species in the wild, or the Przewalski's horse, the western gorilla, the gharial and the Laotian roc

09 August 2017

UK needs bottle deposit scheme to cut plastic litter in oceans, says thinktank

Green Alliance calls for making retailers take back bottles and cans to significantly reduce plastic pollution in seas

04 August 2017

'Incredible': night herons breed for first time in UK

Two recently fledged night herons have been seen at Somerset’s Westhay Moor nature reserve, which suspects climate change drew their parents north

02 August 2017

Pay farmers to protect environment, urges think tank

Policy Exchange argues leaving EU's Common Agricultural Policy presents opportunity for farmers to improve biodiversity, natural capital, and flood prevention

01 August 2017