2015 Wadden Sea Day Marks the 25th Anniversary of the Wadden Sea Seals Agreement

The 10th Wadden Sea Day, held on 27 August 2015 in Wilhelmshaven, was dedicated to marine mammals in the Wadden Sea World Heritage. More than 80 scientists, managers, policy makers and other Wadden Sea stakeholders participated in the event to discuss challenges and prospects for the future of these top predators of the Wadden Sea ecosystem. The Wadden Sea Seal populations (mainly harbour seals but increasingly also grey seals) have shown steady growth rates in recent years. The number of animals has reached record values over the last couple of years, despite the major epizootics of 1988 and 2002.

31 August 2015

Le gypaète barbu plane de nouveau sur les montagnes françaises

Le 14 août, Aunos, un gypaète barbu âgé de 5 mois, dépliait pour la première fois ses ailes au-dessus du parc national du Mercantour, dans les Alpes. Fin juin, s’extirpant de son n

28 August 2015

Ecology initiative to encourage more birds, bats and insects to central London

Wild West End will link parks with green stepping stones to draw wildlife to built-up streets, with beehives, bird and bat boxes being installed

22 August 2015

25m birds illegally killed in Mediterranean each year, says report

Conservationists call for action to end slaughter of birds after study uncovers epidemic of illegal shooting, trapping and gluing

21 August 2015

CMS Family Staff in Search of Bonn’s Bats

In advance of the forthcoming annual “International Bat Night”, the UNEP/EUROBATS Secretariat organized a bat excursion to the Kottenforst, a 55-square-kilometre large nature reserve close to Bonn

20 August 2015

Marine mammals thriving in Thames

Ten years of public sightings show that large marine mammals are regularly found in the River Thames.


20 August 2015

Energiewende tötet Deutschlands heimliches Wappentier

Die Greifvogelart Rotmilan nistet vor allem in Deutschland. Seit es immer mehr Windräder gibt, ist sie vom Aussterben bedroht.

17 August 2015

Gänsevater für die Forschung: "Fliegen in Formation müssen wir noch trainieren"

Wie gelingt es Zugvögeln, Tausende Kilometer in der Luft zurückzulegen? Um das zu untersuchen, hat ein Forscher in Baden-Württemberg fünf Gänse großgezogen.

17 August 2015

Birdwatch: Green sandpiper

Forget the holiday traffic jams, put away the summer clothes and turn on the central heating – it may still be August, but in the bird world, autumn is officially here.

16 August 2015

The Farne Islands, a sanctuary for seabirds and seals, celebrate 90 years as a British jewel of conservation

Puffins always draw the summer crowds to the islands off Northumberland, which are the favourite UK wildlife site of Sir David Attenborough

15 August 2015