Iraq's Unique Wildlife Pushed to Brink by War, Hunting

After decades of strife, the world’s first civilization is losing many of its animals, such as otters, deer, songbirds, and more.

06 February 2017

Is the Eagle Huntress really a documentary?

The Eagle Huntress, a documentary about a Kazakh nomad girl in Mongolia learning to hunt with a golden eagle, divides opinion.


06 February 2017

The Philippines declares more than 100,000 acres as critical habitat

In November last year, the Philippines declared its largest critical habitat yet.

02 February 2017

Viral plague spreads to rare saiga antelope in Mongolia

A one-of-a-kind Central Asian antelope already up to its horns in threats is facing an ugly new one that's taken scientists by surprise.

01 February 2017

Bay of Bengal: depleted fish stocks and huge dead zone signal tipping point

Long treated as a bottomless resource pit, over-exploitation of the ocean, pollution and rising sea levels are having a catastrophic impact on life in the bay

The Guardian

31 January 2017

Mortality Event Hits Mongolian Saiga

Reports have reached the Secretariat that an outbreak of what is thought to be peste-des-petits ruminants (sheep and goat plague) is occurring among the Saiga Antelopes in Mongolia, where already more than 1,000 individuals have died and the epidemic is continuing.

30 January 2017

8 Held for Poaching of Migratory Birds in Porbandar

Ranavav Range forest officials in Porbandar district arrested eight persons for allegedly hunting demoiselle crane, a

29 January 2017

Standard Operating Procedures for detecting and reacting to incidents of health risks for and die-offs in Saiga antelopes and other wildlife in Kazakhstan

In 2010 and 2015 mass die-off events have been observed in Saiga antelope of the Ural and Betpak-Dala populations in Kazakhstan. In intervening years, smaller die-offs of hundreds to a few thousands of animals have also been observed. These are the first such reported incidents after the dramatic decline in numbers in the 1990s, which led to the current status of a critically endangered species. Only a few thousand animals were left in 2003. Hunting of Saiga antelopes is forbidden and the species is protected by international conventions.

27 January 2017

¿Una peste salvaje?

La muerte en Mongolia de cientos de antílopes saiga genera preocupación por la expansión del virus PPR

27 January 2017

Bad air brings down migratory bird count in Sultanpur

The count of migratory specimens in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary remained lower than that of the previous year.

23 January 2017