Vietnam police seize 1,000 stuffed marine turtles

Nha Trang police said they spent all of Thursday counting and classifying more than a thousand stuffed sea turtles which they seized the day before from two downtown warehouses.

21 November 2014

Major initiative endorsed to protect Asia’s migratory mammals

The Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species, at their 11th meeting of the Conference of the Parties in Quito, Ecuador, agreed today to adopt a Central Asia Migratory Mammal Initiative to pro

07 November 2014

Fight to save endangered Indus dolphins, turtles

SUKKUR: Local legend has it that Pakistan's Indus River dolphin was once a woman, transformed by a curse from a holy man angry that she forgot to feed him one day.

04 November 2014

Nagaland to protect world’s longest-distance migratory falcons

India’s northeastern state of Nagaland is determined to provide sanctuary to Amar falcons, known to be one of the world’s longest-distance migratory birds as they travel up to a st

27 October 2014

For Bhutan, it Takes a Community to Save the Snow Leopard

The snow leopard, like most of the world’s big cats, survives by keeping a low profile.

23 October 2014

International Snow Leopard Day Celebrated for the Very First Time

Bonn, 22 October 2014 - Tomorrow is International Snow Leopard Day and it is being celebrated for the very first time this year, with special awareness raising and educational events being held in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan.

22 October 2014

Tiger survival: mapping poaching and trafficking hotspots

The case of ‘Putin’s tiger’ recently put poaching into the media spotlight. In India, a new modelling exercise is helping to tackle the crime by mapping areas where tigers are most at risk

14 October 2014

Li Bingbing fights to protect endangered animals

Li, 41, has been a United Nations Environment Programme goodwill ambassador and helped launch several campaigns - including one to reduce demand for ivory -- with the UN and by herself in China

09 October 2014