Asian pre-COP12 Workshop Held in Bonn

The third pre-COP12 workshop took place at the UN Campus in Bonn from 15 to 17 August for participants representing Parties in Asia.

21 August 2017

Whale Shark Found Dead, Plastic Spoon Stuck in Digestive System

"The cause of death is found to be heavy internal injuries it has suffered when it either hit a rock or a big vessel," local wildlife ranger S Sathish told the Times of India.

10 August 2017

Photographer Vincent Munier captures the endangered snow leopard

5.000 metre altitudes, -35oC temperaatures and geopolitical instability braved to reveal Tibet's natural wonder

10 August 2017

Over 1,000 people killed in India as human and wildlife habitats collide

Elephant and tiger territories are shrinking as India’s growing population encroaches on wild spaces causing an increase in fatalities

01 August 2017

Le tigre sauvage, un prédateur en danger

Si en 2016, leur nombre a augmenté pour la première fois depuis 100 ans, le tigre sauvage reste un animal menacé d'extinction.

29 July 2017

A Cinderella Story for Global Tiger Day

A tigress named Zolushka helps establish a blueprint for the restoration of her species across Asia

28 July 2017

Przewalski-Pferde haben schnell gelernt, ihren Schutzstatus auszunutzen

Einfluss des Menschen in der Wüste Gobi änderte Ernährung der einzigen heute noch  lebenden Wildpferd-Art

21 July 2017

Why the cheetah is a champion sprinter

They're the sprinters of the animal world - cheetahs on land, falcons in the air and marlins in the sea.

18 July 2017