120,000 endangered saiga antelopes die mysteriously in Kazakhstan

More than 120,000 critically endangered saiga antelopes — more than one-third of the worldwide population — have died in Kazakhstan since mid-May, and the cause of the “catastrophic collapse” is un

31 May 2015

China agrees to phase out its ivory industry to combat elephant poaching

Conservationists hail China’s first ever commitment to phase out legal, domestic manufacture and sale of ivory products as a victory in the fight to save Africa’s elephants

29 May 2015

Saigas, an Endangered Antelope, Dying of Mystery Disease

The saiga, a critically endangered Asian antelope species, has been decimated by a mysterious, fast-moving disease.

29 May 2015

Catastrophic Collapse of Saiga Antelopes in Central Asia

More than 120,000 saiga antelope have been confirmed dead in central Kazakhstan, representing more than a third of the global population. This is a major blow for conservation efforts given that saigas have in the past ten years only just started to recover from a global population size of less than 50,000 animals following a 95% crash in numbers.

28 May 2015

Kazachstane paslaptingai išmirė pusė nykstančių saigų populiacijos

Pastarosiomis savaitėmis mirė mažiausiai 120 tūkst. saigų – nykstančių dykaraginių šeimos žinduolių. Tai – beveik pusė visame pasaulyje likusios populiacijos, rašo „Newsweek“.

28 May 2015

Umstrittener Fang: Japanische Walfänger töten weniger Tiere als geplant

Ungeachtet internationaler Kritik jagt Japan weiter Wale, angeblich zu rein wissenschaftlichen Zwecken. Doch diesmal kehrten die Walfänger mit relativ magerer Beute zurück.

28 May 2015

Mystery disease claims half world population of saiga antelopes

The death toll of iconic saiga antelopes in central Asia has soared to around 120,000, almost half of the world's remaining population, according to unofficial estimates.

27 May 2015

Massensterben der Saiga-Antilopen

Ein Drittel des Weltbestandes verendet - Bis zu 85.000 Saiga-Antilopen sind in Kasachstan binnen weniger Tage gestorben – ein Drittel des gesamten Weltbestandes. Die kasachischen Behörden sowie internationale Experten sind bereits seit Tagen vor Ort, um ein genaues Bild der Lage zu bekommen.

27 May 2015

Most Hong Kongers Support Banning Ivory Sales, Poll Finds

Animal conservation groups stepped up their campaign to end the ivory trade in Hong Kong this week by releasing the results of a

27 May 2015