Graffiti campaign brings rhino conservation message to urban Vietnam

Home to one of the largest African rhino horn consumer bases in the world, a 17-piece graffiti campaign around Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City conveys a simple message: “Save the rhinos.”

12 April 2017

Secret footage obtained of the wild elephants sold into captivity in Chinese zoos

Animal welfare advocates have filmed some of the wild elephants captured in Zimbabwe last year and shipped to China.

06 April 2017

China adds critical migratory waterbird sites in the Bohai Gulf and Yellow Sea to the World Heritage Tentative List

Fourteen sites along the coast of the Bohai Gulf and the Yellow Sea of China have recently been added to the tentative list of sites to be considered on the

05 April 2017

Follow China’s example, shut down ivory factories and shops, UN agency urges countries

Applauding the Chinese Government’s closure of many of its ivory factories and retail outlets, the United Nations environment wing has called on other countries and territories to follow China’s ex

03 April 2017

Can China's ivory trade ban save elephants?

Liu Fenghai has made his fortune in the ivory trade. There was a time when he had 25 craftsmen working exclusively on elephant ivory at his factory in the northern city of Harbin.

31 March 2017

China schließt Elfenbein-Geschäfte

Noch darf in China legal Elfenbein verkauft werden. Doch damit soll bald Schluss sein. Die ersten Verkaufsstellungen und Verarbeitungsbetriebe wurden bereits dichtgemacht.

31 March 2017

Can putting a dollar value on ecosystems save them?

Countries need to do more to protect areas that may not be important for biodiversity, but provide key ecosystem services such flood mitigation and water and soil retention, says environmentalist Z

28 March 2017

The Road to Extinction

How the boom in Asia's transportation sector theratens biodiversity

28 March 2017

India’s Flamingo Hub Will Cease to be a Flamingo Graveyard?

Flamingoes have been known to fly into high-tension wires strung over saline wetlands, where the birds like to feed, but efforts to take the wires down have seldom succeeded.

28 March 2017

Diez viajes emocionantes para ver animales salvajes

Del Ártico a la sabana africana, enclaves para observar osos polares, leopardos, gorilas o el mágico movimiento de las belugas

27 March 2017