Global plan to save vultures to be presented at wildlife summit

A multinational plan to thwart the sudden and severe decline in vultures across Africa,

10 October 2017

Action to Save Vultures Will Protect Human Health, Say Experts

A multinational plan to thwart the sudden and severe decline in vultures across Africa, Asia and Europe will be presented at a major summit on migratory species this month. Experts estimate the majority of African-Eurasian Vultures are critically endangered and at “very high risk” of extinction in the wild, mainly due to poisoning. Unless effective conservation measures are implemented, there is a significant likelihood that several of these species will become extinct in the near future, they say.

10 October 2017

Study provides photo evidence of snow leopards in Arunachal

A study about snow leopards in Arunachal Pradesh has yielded photographic evidence of the presence of the elusive species in the Thembang area of the north-eastern state.

06 October 2017

Lebanese Authorities will not leave hunters free to flout law

The Ministry of the Environment has today made a statement confirming the court summons of a citizen charged on two counts for infringements of the newly implemented Hunting Laws in Northern Lebano

05 October 2017

15 vulture species facing extinction set to get global protection

Fifteen species of vultures in 128 countries, including four that are critically endangered in India, may get a fresh lease of life with a 12-year multi-species coordinated action plan to conserve

24 September 2017

Urgent need to preserve wetlands

There was a time when the wetland diversity in North Bengal attracted a steady stream of winged migratory birds.

22 September 2017

Snow leopard no longer 'endangered'

Has the chilling threat of extinction worn off at last for the long-endangered snow leopard?


14 September 2017

Saving the elusive snow leopard

Kunak was on his way to becoming a circus performer when he was saved by forest rangers.

12 September 2017

Kazakhstan to reintroduce wild tigers after 70-year absence

Project supported by WWF is likely to take many years and involves creation of nature reserve and restoration of forest

The Guardian

08 September 2017

Plucky duck: highest-flying fowl's Himalayan exploits revealed

Scientists have tracked the ruddy shelduck to 6,800 metres, making it the first duck known to fly at extreme high altitudes

06 September 2017