West Bengal village welcomes migratory birds, but frowns on tourists

"The villagers have taken the key initiative to protect the migratory birds. They don't hurt the birds nor let anyone hurt them."

16 January 2017

Tragic saiga deaths in Mongolia

We have received reports of the tragic death of over 500 Mongolian saigas in recent weeks.

11 January 2017

Once a trophy hunting concession, now a snow leopard sanctuary

Snow leopards are showing up on camera traps in places they’d never been seen before – thanks to an innovative programme in Kyrgyzstan.

10 January 2017

Ban of shark's fin cargo by Air China a big sign of change

Air China has become the first airline in mainland China to ban shark's fin cargo, marking a dramatic shift in attitudes towards trade in endangered wildlife there and throwing a lifeline to shark

10 January 2017

Dams be damned, let the world's rivers flow again

The flawed development model of dam-building has continued around the world. It’s time to give permanent protection to free-flowing rivers.

09 January 2017

China's ivory trade ban: how to make it work

Elephants will only be safe when decisive action is taken against the ivory traffickers who have been operating under the cover of the legal trade

07 January 2017

Alone, China's ban on ivory could make life worse for elephants

China has ordered all its legal ivory carvers and traders to get of the business by the end of the year. But it will have to do more if it really wants to stop poaching

06 January 2017

'Elephants are not the only victims': the lament of China's ivory lovers

For years China’s ivory carvers and collectors have been blamed for elephant poaching. Now their government is banning the ivory trade. How do they see their future?

06 January 2017

China ivory ban brings hope for elephants

Poachers are killing off elephants for their ivory tusks. China has announced it will shut down its ivory trade by the end of 2017. Will this help save the iconic animals?

05 January 2017