Iraq Becomes CMS Party No. 124

CMS welcomes the Government of the Republic of Iraq as the 124th Party to the Convention with effect from today.

01 August 2016

The Emerging Role of Asia in Wildlife Conservation Practice

The practice of solving conservation problems for wildlife has presented more and varied challenges for researchers and practitioners in Asia, especially over the last quarter century.

27 July 2016

China tried to drive a furry mammal to extinction. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea

As he gazes out across the rolling grasslands of the Tibetan plateau, where hundreds of his yaks are grazing, 70-year-old Awang Chumpey is less than happy.

22 July 2016

Global warming may affect Bhutan's biodiversity, impact India

Slow-melting of glaciers due to global warming may cause huge floods in Bhutan in the future and result in loss of keystone species which may encourage probable animal poachers to hunt in this coun

22 July 2016

Amazon, eBay involved in illegal wildlife trade: Indian government

India’s environment minister has accused 106 Indian e-commerce sites of selling rare animals and wildlife products online

20 July 2016

Cloud rats of the sky islands: 28 new mammal species found in the Philippines

New research reveals that the Philippines may have the greatest concentration of unique mammal species on earth, as scientists introduce a host of furry new characters from its main island of Luzon

19 July 2016

Zuchtprogramm: Seltene Przewalski-Pferde in Mongolei ausgewildert

Sie sind die einzigen erhaltenen Wildpferde: Der Prager Zoo züchtet Przewalski-Pferde - und fliegt sie in ihre ursprüngliche Heimat, die Mongolei.

18 July 2016

Illegal wildlife trade in Asia decimating species, warn scientists

Asia's burgeoning demand for wildlife is decimating wild populations around the planet, warned scientists meeting last week at the largest-ever gathering of tropical researchers in Asia.

14 July 2016

Strengthening Partnerships for Snow Leopard Protection

Bonn, 11 July 2016 – Government representatives and experts met in Berlin on 5 July 2016 to ensure the long-term survival of the snow leopard, one of t

11 July 2016

Bu Tinah shoal recognised as one of ten most important sites for marine turtles in Indian Ocean region

The Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi, EAD, has recently been advised by the Indian Ocean and South East Asia, IOSEA, MoU Secretariat, of the inclusion of Bu Tinah shoal in the IOSEA Marine Turtle Site

11 July 2016