Antelope revived in Sahara years after going extinct in the wild

Scimitar-horned oryx have been reintroduced to the wild after a two-decade absence and are flourishing in their old stomping grounds.

17 January 2017

Water relief for 8,000 thirsty elephants

Boreholes set up by local conservationists are saving drought-stricken elephants in Hwange national park.

11 January 2017

World’s most endangered fruit bat could soon be extinct due to rapid forest loss

The rare Livingstone’s fruit bat population is down to about 1,200 individuals, distributed across only 21 roost sites that are threatened by habitat loss, a new study has found.

10 January 2017

The animals that live on toxic lakes

Over a million pink birds gather where little other life survives.


05 January 2017

China ivory ban brings hope for elephants

Poachers are killing off elephants for their ivory tusks. China has announced it will shut down its ivory trade by the end of 2017. Will this help save the iconic animals?

05 January 2017

On Long Migrations, Birds Chase an Eternal Spring

Scientists have gotten a much better understanding of bird migration in recent centuries, but there’s a tremendous amount they have yet to learn.

05 January 2017

Le guépard, la girafe et le rhinocéros noir risquent de disparaître en Afrique

Trois espèces caractéristiques de la savane africaine sont menacées de disparition par la fragmentation de leur habitat et par les activités humaines.
30 December 2016

Le guépard « court tout droit » vers son extinction

Selon une étude britannique publiée le 26 décembre, le félin n’est plus présent que sur 9 % de la surface qu’il occupait au début du XXe siècle
27 December 2016

Cheetah 'more vulnerable to extinction than previously thought'

Urgent action is needed to stop the world’s fastest land animal becoming extinct, experts have warned

27 December 2016