Terrestrial mammals

More than half of the world's primates on endangered species list

Experts highlight threat to lesser-known apes and monkeys from large-scale habitat destruction and illegal wildlife trade.

24 November 2015

Northern white rhino dies in US, leaving only three alive

One of the world's last four remaining northern white rhinos has died in a zoo in the United States.

BBC News

23 November 2015

Would a Legalized Horn Trade Save Rhinos?

With poaching on the rise, ranchers in South Africa want to flood the market—but conservationists warn of corruption and cruelty

20 November 2015

Climate change is 'single biggest threat' to polar bear survival

Global warming is now the single most important threat to the survival of the polar bear with retreating sea ice set to decimate populations, according to a new study by the International Union for

19 November 2015

Gefährdete Arten: Man möchte kein Eisbär sein

Knapp 30 Prozent der Arten weltweit sind bedroht, warnt die Weltnaturschutzorganisation.

19 November 2015

Conservationists urge Mauritius to halt cull of threatened fruit bat

Conservationists are calling for an end to a government cull of tens of thousands of fruit bats in Mauritius that they say is putting the survival of the threatened species at risk.

17 November 2015

Likely cause of mass Saiga die-off revealed

A mystery illness that wiped out more than half the world's population of Saiga antelopes this year was most likely caused by haemorraghic septicaemia, according

16 November 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger terminates tusk for anti-poaching campaign

The all-action movie star and former California senator Arnold Schwarzenegger has lent his weight to a campaign against ivory poaching by blowing up an elephant tusk on camera.

13 November 2015

Africa’s oldest national park now under new threat

WWF today is warning of renewed danger to Virunga National Park from oil exploitation.

13 November 2015

Zimbabwe blames disgruntled rangers and villagers for elephant poisonings

Zimbabwe’s environment minister has blamed the poisoning of at least 71 elephants in recent months on disgruntled game rangers and local communities who do not benefit from wildlife revenues.“It wa

12 November 2015