Terrestrial mammals

How an obscure seed is helping to save the elephant

Numbers of elephants in the wild are still falling; it's estimated 100 of them are killed by poachers every day for their tusks to meet the continuing demand for ivory.

23 March 2017

'Better de-horned than dead' – zoo chops rhino horns to foil poachers

Czech zoo takes saw to the horns of its 21 rhinoceroses in response to deadly attack at Paris wildlife park this month.

22 March 2017

As drought sweeps Kenya, herders invade farms and old wounds are reopened

While famine threatens traditional herding lifestyle for many in Laikipia, Kenya, farmers have turned to mass migration and violent crime out of desperation. 

19 March 2017

Clear Route Ahead for Protecting Africa’s Endangered Wild Ass

Twenty-five representatives of Range States, donors and experts met in Bonn 6-7 March to agree a “road map” to secure the conservation of the African Wild Ass (Equus africanus), which is categorized as Critically Endangered on the IUCN’s Red List.

17 March 2017

Les musées, l’autre cible des braconniers

Depuis 2009, le trafic de cornes de rhinocéros s’est intensifié. Après les réserves naturelles d’Afrique, les trafiquants s’attaquent désormais aux zoos mais aussi aux musées.
17 March 2017

The cheetahs' race for survival

The organization Cheetah Outreach is showing South Africans just how important the animals are for the ecosystem. Their philosophy?

14 March 2017

Rapid decline of Arctic sea ice a combination of climate change and natural variability

The dramatic decline of Arctic sea ice in recent decades is caused by a mixture of global warming and a natural, decades-long atmospheric hot spot over Greenland and the Canadian Arctic.

13 March 2017

High price of rhino horn leaves bloody trail across the globe

The recent killing of a rhino in a Paris zoo marks a shocking new development in this ruthless global trade but rhino experts remain optimistic that the situation can be reversed

10 March 2017

Russia's rare snow leopards find protection in camera traps

In the remote Altai mountains, cameras traps are shedding light on the secret lives of these elusive animals, enabling researchers to identify individual leopards in the first ever nationwide censu

10 March 2017

Braconnage: les zoos français vont-ils décorner leurs rhinocéros ?

Certains parcs s'interrogent sur la pertinence de cette mesure choc visant à décourager les braconniers après le vol d'une corne sur un animal tué en début de semaine à Thoiry.

09 March 2017