Terrestrial mammals

Muere 'Sudan', el último macho de rinoceronte blanco del norte que quedaba en el mundo

Quedan solo dos hembras de la subespecie y la única esperanza ante la extinción pasa por la reproducción asistida

20 March 2018

Northern white rhino: last male Sudan dies in Kenya

The world's last surviving male northern white rhino has died after months of poor health, his carers say.


20 March 2018

Letztes männliches Nördliches Breitmaulnashorn der Welt gestorben

Sudan war 45 Jahre alt und hat zuletzt gelitten: Tierärzte mussten das letzte männliche Nördliche Breitmaulnashorn einschläfern.

20 March 2018

Shutting down EU ivory trade is a ‘personal priority’ for Boris Johnson

A government minister has promised that the UK will lead a fight to shut down the ivory trade in the EU, describing the issue as “a personal priority” for the foreign secretary

16 March 2018

En Namibie, la ferme modèle où l’on sauve les guépards

Depuis vingt-sept ans, Laurie Marker multiplie les actions pour faire coexister félins et fermiers, notamment grâce au berger d’Anatolie, et enrayer l’extinction en cours.

11 March 2018

Opinion: Big Cats: Predators under Threat, World Wildlife Day

Wildlife tourism is not a viable option in Central Asia — the area is inaccessible and lacks the infrastructure which all but the hardiest of travellers want.

08 March 2018

Gorilla sanctuary workers in eastern DRC kidnapped by militia

Eighteen hostages are alive and abductors are demanding a large ransom, local sources say.

07 March 2018

From foe to friend: how carnivores could help farmers

Across the globe, the numbers of carnivore species such as leopards, dingoes, and spectacled bears are rapidly declining.

05 March 2018