Terrestrial mammals

Leading elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania

Wayne Lotter had received numerous death threats while battling international ivory-trafficking networks

17 August 2017

Three wildlife rangers killed in attack by violent militia in DRC

Three wildlife rangers at DRC’s Virunga national park were killed this week in an ambush by Mai Mai rebels, bringing this year’s fatalities to eight

16 August 2017

Bats set up home inside dinosaur at Devon theme park

Rare bats have set up home inside a dinosaur at a theme park in north Devon.Bats set up home inside dinosaur at Devon theme park

14 August 2017

Tanzania's ghost safari: how western aid contributed to the decline of a wildlife haven

Lions, elephants and hippos have vanished from Kilombero valley after UK- and US-funded projects helped turn a once-thriving habitat into farmland, teak, and sugar plantations

13 August 2017

World Elephant Day is a reminder of our moral duty to care for nature

Ending ivory trafficking should be at the heart of a new vision for Africa’s development

12 August 2017

UK named as world's largest legal ivory exporter

A new trade analysis reveals the scale of Britain’s role in the international ivory trade

10 August 2017

Yoda bat gets happy: New species officially recognized

An unusual breed of fruit bat -- previously nicknamed 'Yoda' due to its resemblance to the Star Wars Jedi Master -- has now officially been registered as a new species and renamed the happy (Hamama

10 August 2017

Photographer Vincent Munier captures the endangered snow leopard

5.000 metre altitudes, -35oC temperaatures and geopolitical instability braved to reveal Tibet's natural wonder

10 August 2017

See What it Takes to Move 500 Elephants

A massive effort to pack up the pachyderms and relocate them to safety is at last complete.

09 August 2017