Terrestrial mammals

Leopards need maximum protection: this includes suspending trophy hunting

Trophy hunting of large carnivores in southern Africa is a hotly debated topic. This was evident after Cecil the lion was shot and killed in Zimbabwe last year.

19 April 2017

Les trafiquants d’espèces sauvages à l’assaut des sanctuaires classés

Le Fonds mondial pour la nature (WWF) a publié mardi un rapport alarmant sur le braconnage et la déforestation illégale dans les sites naturels classés.
18 April 2017

‘I liked elephant heart. It was soft and very tasty’

For 40 years a native Rwandan man hunted elephants and other big game in the forests of Rwanda. This is how he became an ex-poacher.

13 April 2017

Risky business: On the trail of poachers in Zimbabwe

There's big money in the illegal ivory trade - and that means it's an often bloody business.

11 April 2017

‘This is amazing!’ African elephants may transport seeds farther than any other land animal

The African savanna elephant holds the prize for largest living terrestrial animal, and now it apparently just set another land record: the longest distance mover of seeds.

10 April 2017

Ground-breaking initial success in protecting Mali’s elephants, but it must be sustained

Despite a surge in poaching combined with a deepening insurgency, Mali has deployed its first ever anti-poaching unit to protect the remarkable desert-adapted elephants.

07 April 2017

Secret footage obtained of the wild elephants sold into captivity in Chinese zoos

Animal welfare advocates have filmed some of the wild elephants captured in Zimbabwe last year and shipped to China.

06 April 2017

Follow China’s example, shut down ivory factories and shops, UN agency urges countries

Applauding the Chinese Government’s closure of many of its ivory factories and retail outlets, the United Nations environment wing has called on other countries and territories to follow China’s ex

03 April 2017

Can China's ivory trade ban save elephants?

Liu Fenghai has made his fortune in the ivory trade. There was a time when he had 25 craftsmen working exclusively on elephant ivory at his factory in the northern city of Harbin.

31 March 2017

China schließt Elfenbein-Geschäfte

Noch darf in China legal Elfenbein verkauft werden. Doch damit soll bald Schluss sein. Die ersten Verkaufsstellungen und Verarbeitungsbetriebe wurden bereits dichtgemacht.

31 March 2017