Terrestrial mammals

RSPB plans ‘bat-friendly’ wind turbines at Bedfordshire HQ

The charity, known for its opposition to turbines, claims to have commissioned a model that will not threaten l
06 February 2016

Expedition finds lost lion population in Ethiopia

A population of as many as 200 rare Central African lions have been discovered in a remote national park in Ethiopia by conservationists.

03 February 2016

Gefährliche Pilzerkrankung: Mangelnde Anpassung sorgt für Fledermaus-Massensterben

Ein eigentümlicher Pilz rafft in Nordamerika Millionen Fledermäuse dahin. In Europa überleben die Tiere das gefürchtete Weißnasen-Syndrom dagegen. Warum? Forscher haben nun eine Antwort.

01 February 2016

Lions rediscovered in Ethiopian national park

Local reports were confirmed when a population of previously unknown lions was caught on camera trap in the remote Alatash national park

01 February 2016

Elephants are being killed on a massive scale. There is a way to stop this

As a pilot is shot down trying to stop elephant poaching, the extent of big game slaughter is becoming clear. But we must get to the cause of the problem

01 February 2016

British pilot killed by elephant poachers in Tanzania

A British helicopter pilot has been fatally shot by elephant poachers in Tanzania, a conservation charity has said.

30 January 2016

Why are whales beaching around Britain? Video

Why are so many whales getting stranded on Britain's beaches?


29 January 2016

Mali's desert elephants face extinction within three years

Conservationists urge government to tackle ivory trafficking as 16 elephants killed in this year, with over 80 killed in 2015

28 January 2016

Des piqures d’abeilles pour sauver les éléphants, un peu douloureux mais efficace

Si la petite bête ne mangera pas la grosse, c’est entendu, elle peut en revanche l’effrayer.  Le cas des abeilles et des pachydermes africains le prouve.

28 January 2016