Terrestrial mammals

Changing the course of history for Kenya's wildlife

Kenya’s wildlife numbers are plummeting. Reconnecting people to nature is key to the solution.

26 June 2017

Hong Kong launches bill to ban domestic ivory trade

The move follows demonstrations in the city and the decision by China to ban their own trade

26 June 2017

Rhino horn auction to go ahead in South Africa after court lifts ban on sales

Breeder John Hume to take advantage of court ruling lift ban on domestic trade to sell horns trimmed from the 1,500 rhinos on his ranch

26 June 2017

Anti-poaching drive brings Siberia’s tigers back from brink

A WWF appeal aims to highlight the threat of habitat destruction and climate change on wild populations

24 June 2017

Reprieve for wild dogs facing extinction

The fight for the survival of the African wild dog has been bolstered through the help of game farmers, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and concerned community members in Limpopo.

22 June 2017

Bat biodiversity is in danger on islands worldwide

A new study from the University of Helsinki investigates knowledge gaps among the largely unknown, but greatly threatened, group of island-restricted bats, and leads future research efforts to actu

21 June 2017

Ten more elephants poisoned by poachers in Zimbabwe

The elephants were killed in the Hwange national park by what has become a common means of poaching

20 June 2017

Seltene Przewalski-Pferde in Mongolei geflogen

Der Prager Zoo züchtet Przewalski-Pferde, die einzigen erhaltenen Wildpferde. Vier der Tiere wurden nun in ihre ursprüngliche Heimat, die Mongolei, geflogen.

20 June 2017

Mozambique: 6,000 animals to rewild park is part-funded by trophy hunting

Donation of animals by Zimbabwe wildlife conservancy to stock war-torn park could not have happened without big-spending hunters

19 June 2017

Conservation programme saves lions, wild dogs

Large carnivores are declining worldwide due to a combination of human factors, including habitat loss, poaching leading to prey depletion and snaring by-catch of carnivores and conflict.

19 June 2017