Terrestrial mammals

The lion: A victim of its own power?

Lions have padded their way through history, their beauty and physical prowess inspiring fear and respect.

30 June 2015

Conservationists to move South Africa lions to Rwanda

Group to move seven lions to Akagera National Park in Rwanda where the lion population was wiped out 15 years ago.

28 June 2015

The Kenyan elephant reserve that's fighting back against poachers

Conservation efforts in Amboseli national park offer hope in the battle to protect Africa’s big beasts from ivory poachers – but tackling demand for ivory is still crucial to long-term success - by

23 June 2015

High demand for luxury wool prompts poachers to slaughter vicunas

Vicunas, the wild Andean relatives of camels, are being hunted mercilessly by poachers as the price of the animals' luxuriantly soft hair, coveted by European and Asian apparel makers for coats, sc

21 June 2015

US crushes 'blood ivory' in New York's Times Square

The US government destroyed more than one US ton (907kg) of “blood ivory” before crowds in New York’s Times Square on Friday, in a move designed to signal a dramatic crackdown on the illegal trade.

19 June 2015

Illegal wildlife traders caught in international net

A global effort to tackle illegal wildlife trading has resulted in hundreds of arrests and the seizure of tons of plants and animals - dead and alive.

19 June 2015

Elefanten in Afrika: Elfenbein-DNA verrät Jagdgebiete der Wilderer

Wilderer töten jedes Jahr etwa 40.000 Elefanten in Afrika - mit ihrem Elfenbein werden Krieg und Terror finanziert. Die meisten Tiere sterben in zwei großen Gebieten, zeigt eine Studie.

19 June 2015