Terrestrial mammals

Viewpoint: Uncomfortable realities of big game hunting

Trophy hunting has been the subject of much media attention amid the backdrop of declining populations of big game animals in Africa. But is a blanket ban really the answer?

01 September 2015

European Bat Night: helping endangered bats matter

On the last weekend of August, bats get their own celebration: European Bat Night, an event to rise awareness on these winged mammals and their essential role for natural ecosystems and human econo

31 August 2015

Safe Passage for Mongolian Wildlife

Representatives of governments, industry, development banks, UN agencies, NGOs and scientists met in Ulaanbaatar from 24 to 28 August to find solutions to ensure that steppe animals are able to cross roads, railways and fences. The growing exploitation of the natural resources in the Gobi-Steppe ecosystem has led to a dramatic increase of transportation networks, required to meet increasing consumer demand for minerals. The existing roads and railroads have proven to be a significant barrier for wildlife migrations.

31 August 2015

India: No country for wild tigers?

Authorities seek to widen a road that would cut wildlife corridors and put the future sustainability of three tiger reserves at risk

31 August 2015

Le nombre de rhinocéros tués en Afrique du Sud encore en hausse

Le nombre de rhinocéros massacrés en Afrique du Sud a encore augmenté en 2015 avec 749 animaux tués par des braconniers sur les huit premiers mois de l’année, contre 716 l’an dernier à la même époq

31 August 2015

Case proven: ivory trafficking funds terrorism

A sensational and shocking film provides the first direct evidence linking ivory trafficking to terrorism

30 August 2015

CMS Family Staff in Search of Bonn’s Bats

In advance of the forthcoming annual “International Bat Night”, the UNEP/EUROBATS Secretariat organized a bat excursion to the Kottenforst, a 55-square-kilometre large nature reserve close to Bonn

20 August 2015

CMS Guidelines on Wildlife-friendly Infrastructure - Mongolia Leads Implementation

The Mongolian parliament has passed a national law implementing the CMS Guidelines on mitigating the impact of linear infrastructure and related disturbance on mammals in Central Asia just six months after they were adopted at COP11.

20 August 2015

Ivory poaching: UK troops sent to Gabon to fight illegal trade

British troops have been sent to Gabon to tackle an increase in ivory poaching.


20 August 2015

Tanzania turns a blind eye to poaching as elephant populations tumble

As illegal poaching escalates in national parks from Selous to Ruaha, officials attempt to silence the crisis and many fear Serengeti herds will be next

20 August 2015