Terrestrial mammals

Attacks on the last elephants and rhinos threaten entire ecosystems

Megafauna like elephants and rhinos are ecological engineers, creating conditions that hundreds of other species have evolved to exploit.

22 May 2015

Kazakhstan's mass antelope deaths mystify conservationists

With over 19,000 carcasses buried and more deaths expected officials are no closer to determining the cause of the catastrophe.

21 May 2015

A Grassroots Effort to Save Africa’s Most Endangered Ape

The Cross River gorilla population in equatorial Africa has been pushed to the brink of extinction.

21 May 2015

Update: More than 27,000 Saigas Confirmed Dead: CMS Sends Out Emergency Expert Mission

In response to a request from Kazakhstan, the CMS Secretariat is sending out an expert mission today to strengthen work to identify the cause of the current saiga die-off.

21 May 2015

More than 10,000 Saigas Found Dead in Central Kazakhstan

About 10,000 saigas have been found dead in Amangeldy district of the Kostanay region in Central Kazakhstan.

19 May 2015

Zambia to lift ban on hunting of lions and leopards

Tourism minister says rules imposed in 2013 against hunting big cats seriously affected wildlife resources and the livelihoods of local people

19 May 2015

Kenya opens $100m wildlife forensic lab to help prosecute poachers

New facility in Nairobi, first of its kind in east Africa, will collect and analyse DNA samples to help investigators identify the animal species killed by poachers

13 May 2015

Rhino poaching rate rises 18 percent in South Africa

In the first four months of 2015, poachers killed 393 rhinos in South Africa, the epicenter of the rhino poaching crisis.

13 May 2015

India's Asiatic lion population rising

Census finds 27% increase in number of endangered lions found in their only habitat in the world – the Gir forest of Gujarat

11 May 2015