Drop in Kenyan tourism could harm sea turtles

What do Ebola and terrorism have to do with turtles? Along the Kenyan coast, quite a bit. Both are causing numbers of tourists to drop - and the impacts on wildlife conservation could be severe

26 February 2015

Turtles head for freedom in Gulf of Mexico after rescue operation

Some 1,200 young and ‘cold-stunned’ Kemp’s ridley turtles who were stranded in Massachusetts last year have been released into warm waters off Louisiana

30 January 2015

Sea turtles fall victim to 'alarming' flood of plastics entering Australian waters

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is treating unprecedented numbers of marine animals that have swallowed plastic debris and scientists say the tide of litter is only rising

28 January 2015

Warming seas decrease sea turtle basking

Green sea turtles may stop basking on beaches around the world within a century due to rising sea temperatures, a new study suggests.

23 January 2015

Baby turtles to be tagged for study into notoriously tough flatbacks

Hatchlings on display at Aquarium of Western Australia before being released to provide data on the behaviour of the tenacious flatback sea turtle

20 January 2015

IOSEA: Review of 2014 and Look Ahead to 2015

As is customary at this time of the year, the IOSEA Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Secretariat presents a compilation of marine turtle-related news of the past 12 months, from around the Indian Ocean – South-East Asia region.

19 January 2015

Marine Turtle Conservation in the Spotlight of Workshop in Kuwait

Bonn, 16 December 2014 - The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), a government-affiliated research institute organized a workshop from 9-10 December 2014 to gather input for the development of a national plan for the conservation of sea turtles

16 December 2014

Vietnam seizes over 1,000 dead endangered sea turtles

Record haul of over 1,000 endangered sea turtles, all dead, were bound for illegal export to China

25 November 2014

Vietnam police seize 1,000 stuffed marine turtles

Nha Trang police said they spent all of Thursday counting and classifying more than a thousand stuffed sea turtles which they seized the day before from two downtown warehouses.

21 November 2014