Rehabilitated sea turtle begins long journey home

A sub-tropical turtle that somehow ended up on a remote B.C. beach will begin his long trip home this week

19 April 2016

Mediterranean loggerhead turtles dying in waters off the Middle East, North Africa

Thousands of loggerhead turtles are killed annually in areas of Syria, Libya and Egypt and Tunisia where they travel to find food

06 April 2016

Green sea turtles in Florida and Mexico are no longer endangered

'This will help up protect and conserve green sea turtles more efficiently and effectively, so that we can achieve our goal of recovering the species'
06 April 2016

World's Most Endangered Sea Turtle Species in Even More Trouble than We Thought

Newly examined video of Kemp's ridley sea turtles, which are found primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, shows that the species' recovery from endangerment has stalled at less than one-tenth of historic

29 March 2016

Oliv-Bastardschildkröten: Baby Shower auf den Philippinen

Schildkrötennachwuchs: Auf den Philippinen sind Hunderte kleine Meeresschildkröten geschlüpft.

29 February 2016

Cornwall loggerhead turtle: Stranded Tallulah defies death fear

A tiny loggerhead turtle that was expected to die after being stranded on a beach has made a remarkable recovery.


24 February 2016

LGUs, resort owners told: Help save ‘pawikan’ from extinction

The country’s top biodiversity official on Monday urged local governments and owners of private beach resorts to help save the endangered marine turtles, or

05 January 2016

Stop wildlife trafficking in its tracks

What does the illegal wildlife trade mean to you? It is cruel and unethical, most people would say. But is it an issue that needs to be tackled urgently?

18 December 2015

Fading stars: India’s illegal tortoise trade - in pictures

The ‘shocking’ scale of illegal trade in star tortoises in southern India has been revealed in

20 November 2015