Marine mammals

Sperm whales stranded in UK may be part of beached German and Dutch pods

Lincolnshire whales likely to have entered North Sea with those washed up on north European islands, says lead scientist

26 January 2016

Strandungen: Pottwale sterben an englischer Küste

An der deutschen und niederländischen Küste wurden in den vergangenen Tagen zwölf Pottwale angespült, jetzt sind auch in England Wale gestrandet.

25 January 2016

Why are so many whales getting washed up?

The shores of Lincolnshire and Norfolk, as well as Germany and Holland, have become the last resting place of 17 sperm whales recently. But are these deaths natural or the fault of humans?

25 January 2016

UK whale strandings: why did they happen?

The five sperm whales washed up on England’s east coast may have died after they took a wrong turn from the Atlantic into the shallow North Sea

25 January 2016

Sperm whales beached in Skegness following Hunstanton death

Three dead sperm whales found washed up on a beach in Lincolnshire are "believed to be from the same pod" as a whale which died at Hu

24 January 2016

Stray dugong saved in herculean rescue will be flown to Queensland by RAAF

Crowds cheer as ailing marine animal successfully netted in Merimbula Lake from where it will be airlifted to its Queensland home

21 January 2016

Tierschutz: Atlas zeigt Lärmquellen im Mittelmeer

Bauarbeiten, Häfen, Bohrinseln: Unter Wasser herrscht vielerorts großer Lärm.

21 January 2016

Sick dugong evades rescue as air force on standby

The health of the marine animal, first seen in Merimbula in NSW, is deteriorating after failed attempts to rescue it and airlift it back to Queensland

20 January 2016

Kadaver: Pottwal-Skelett soll im Hörsaal ausgestellt werden

Die Überreste des vor Helgoland gestrandeten Pottwals sind an der Uni Gießen angekommen. Hier bearbeiten Tierpräparatoren das Skelett, bis es ausgestellt werden kann.

18 January 2016