Marine mammals

Seals are deafened in noisy shipping lanes, say scientists

Urbanisation of marine environment impacts on seal hearing and is comparable to noise pollution of inner cities

02 May 2017

UK killer whale died with extreme levels of toxic pollutants

Adult whale Lulu was one of UK’s last resident pod and had never produced a calf, probably because pollutants in her blubber had caused infertility

02 May 2017

Bauer Chay Dan hütet jetzt Seekühe vor Koh Libong

Das Wasser ist ruhig, leichte Wolken ziehen vorüber, immer mal wieder blitzt ein Sonnenstrahl hervor.

30 April 2017

Last-ditch attempt to save the endangered vaquita porpoise

$4m mission in Gulf of California aims to rescue world’s most endangered sea mammal – with help from US navy dolphins

29 April 2017

Mass Die-Off of Whales in Atlantic Is Being Investigated

Humpback whales have been dying in extraordinary numbers along the Eastern Seaboard since the beginning of last year.

27 April 2017

Les bébés baleines murmurent auprès de leur mère

Un nouveau mode de communication, inconnu jusqu'à ce jour, vient d'être découvert chez les baleines à bosses.

26 April 2017

Baby humpback whales 'whisper' to mums to avoid predators

New recordings show Whales avoid predators by "whispering" to each other through grunts and squeaks.


26 April 2017

Ocean Currents Are Sweeping Billions of Tiny Plastic Bits to the Arctic

With so few people, you'd expect the Arctic to be a plastic pollution-free zone, but new research suggests that's far from the truth.
21 April 2017