Marine mammals

Medieval porpoise 'grave' on Channel island puzzles archaeologists

Animal may have been placed in carefully cut hole to preserve its meat or have had some sort of religious significance

19 September 2017

Horsey seal injured by flying ring 'making recovery' (video)

A seal captured by volunteers on a beach is recovering at a specialist centre after getting a flying ring trapped around its neck.

18 September 2017

Aufbau von Sandbänken stört Wale vor Australiens Ostküste

Surfer brauchen Wellem. daher sollen Sandbänke wiederaufgebaut werden.  Doch der Tourismus fürchtet um ein Millionsgeschäft

14 September 2017

Northern lights linked to North Sea whale strandings

Large solar storms, responsible for the northern lights, may have played a role in the strandings of 29 sperm whales in the North Sea early in 2016.

05 September 2017

In a Fragile Partnership, Dolphins Help Catch Fish in Myanmar

On a recent sweltering afternoon on the Irrawaddy River, about 10 miles upstream from the city of Mandalay, a Burmese fisherman tapped a small teak dowel against the hull of his squat wooden boat,

31 August 2017

Wie Militär-Lärm die Wale nervt

Sonare von Schiffen oder Hubschraubern verändern das Tauchverhalten von Cuvier-Schnabelwalen. Über hundert Kilometer weit stören die Signale die Tiere bei der Futtersuche.

30 August 2017

Studies reveal worrisome trend for health of wild dolphins

Twelve years of data on the health of two Atlantic bottlenose dolphin populations paints a grim reality concerning the wellbeing of the Atlantic Ocean.

24 August 2017

Kylu, la beluga imposible

La cría del Oceanogràfic se convierte en un hito para las investigaciones sobre la especie ártica

17 August 2017

Accidental deaths of endangered North Atlantic right whales threaten species’ survival

At least 12 whales have died since April — or about 2 per cent of the population — nearly all of them in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

15 August 2017