Marine mammals

Neufundland: Kanadisches Dorf fürchtet explodierenden Wal

Nur gucken, nicht anfassen! Am Strand von Trout River auf Neufundland liegt ein 25 Meter langer, toter Blauwal. Er droht womöglich zu explodieren. Was tun?

30 April 2014

Dead blue whale 'might explode' in Newfoundland town

The residents of a town on Canada's Newfoundland island fear a blue whale carcass that washed up on its boardwalk last week could explode at any time.

29 April 2014

The Conservation Implications of Cetacean Culture

On 15 and 16 April 2014, the 19 participants of a CMS Scientific Council workshop held in London, United Kingdom, discussed the conservation implications of cetacean culture.

17 April 2014