Marine mammals

Humpback whale found dead on Isle of Barra

A dead humpback whale has been found washed up on the Isle of Barra in the Western Isles.


02 March 2016

Fish poachers push Mexico's endangered porpoises to brink of extinction

China’s lucrative black market for fish parts is threatening the vaquita, the world’s most endangered marine mammal.

01 March 2016

Court upholds federal plan to protect vast polar bear habitat in Alaska

A federal government plan to protect a vast area of the US Arctic as habitat for polar bears has been upheld by an appeals court, overturning a previous victory by the state of

01 March 2016

No fin whales to be hunted in Iceland this summer

Director of country’s biggest whaling company says his fleet will not be hunting this season because of problems exporting the meat to Japan

25 February 2016

Conservation group hails success of its Nunavut bear patrol

By warding off polar bears with pyrotechnics instead of bullets, the World Wildlife Fund has claimed victory in improving relations between the people of Arviat, NU and their polar bear neighbours.

24 February 2016

New phase in Scottish polar bear breeding project

An attempt to breed polar bears in Scotland looks set to go ahead this year. Polar bear cubs were last born in the UK almost 25 years ago.

19 February 2016

Endangered dolphin dies after beachgoers pass it around for photos

Franciscana dolphin at Argentinian beach was one of fewer than 30,000 and is considered a threatened species

18 February 2016

Delfine vor Flensburg: Große Sprünge in der Ostsee

Experten sprechen von einer Sensation: In der Flensburger Förde schwimmen zwei Delfine. Sie leben schon länger in der Ostsee.

18 February 2016

Tracking technologies help to identify key marine areas for basking sharks

A range of satellite tag technologies has helped track movement behavior of this huge iconic fish species.

16 February 2016