Marine mammals

Scientists film sperm whale 'doing laps' of underwater camera

A sperm whale surprised scientists carrying out research in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday.


18 April 2015

Dolphin sightings off the Hebrides leapt over last decade, research shows

Warmer waters around the Scottish islands may be attracting the increased numbers of the common dolphins, say experts

15 April 2015

Australien: Extrem seltener Omurawal gestrandet

Erst neun Mal wurde die Art bislang überhaupt gesehen. Jetzt ist in Australien ein seltener Omurawal gestrandet.

15 April 2015

Fifty-foot sperm whale washes up on shore south of San Francisco

Decomposing carcass of 50-foot mammal examined by biologists to determine how it died as boaters warned to steer clear of whales

15 April 2015

Rare Omura's whale carcass find in Western Australia excites scientists

DNA confirms 5.6m juvenile female is an Omura’s whale, the first to be seen in WA and only the second in Australia

14 April 2015

New Whale Species Identified?

A unique whale song is recorded in Antarctica, perhaps from a new species


14 April 2015

Gray Whale Breaks Mammal Migration Record

The western gray whale now holds the record as the mammal with the longest known migration, researchers say.

14 April 2015

Sensation: Buckelwale haben in Ostsee überwintert

Kratzer am Rücken haben es bewiesen: Zwei Buckelwale haben in der kalten Ostsee überwintert - Forscher sprechen von einer Sensation.

08 April 2015

Ungewöhnliche Paarung: Wenn der Eisbär mit dem Grizzly...

Seit einigen Jahren beobachten Biologen ein interessantes Phänomen in der Arktis: Eisbären paaren sich mit Grizzlybären.

03 April 2015

Polar bears face starvation as unlikely to adapt to a land-based diet, says report

New research casts doubt on the theory that polar bears could survive habitat loss as sea ice declines by foraging for food on land

01 April 2015