Marine mammals

Tracking technologies help to identify key marine areas for basking sharks

A range of satellite tag technologies has helped track movement behavior of this huge iconic fish species.

16 February 2016

Banned pollutant PCB threatens Europe's whales

Scientists are warning that a banned pollutant could wipe out Europe's killer whales and dolphins.

16 February 2016

Why sperm whales are washing up dead on British shores?

A mass stranding of sperm whales has puzzled scientists, with a total count of six now having washed up on British beaches, the biggest in the century since Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has b

15 February 2016

Feds reviewing endangered-species status for orcas

The southern resident orca population, which frequents the Salish Sea, was listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act in 2005.

11 February 2016

Toxic chemicals found in beached whales in Fife

A pod of whales stranded in Fife had high concentrations of toxic chemicals, some of which had reached the mammals' brains, scientists have found.

11 February 2016

Nordsee: Toter Schwertwal am Strand von Sylt gefunden

Seltener Fund an der Küste der Nordseeinsel Sylt: Am Strand wurde ein toter Orca geborgen, ein Schwertwal.

08 February 2016

Dos ballenas azules a vista de pájaro

Su labor es patrullar el mar en busca de cazadores furtivos y eso es lo que estaban haciendo el pasado enero cuando se toparon con unos compañeros de viaje inesperados: dos ballenas azules nadando

05 February 2016

Body of whale that died on Norfolk beach to be tested

Investigators will take samples from sperm whale in attempt to explain spate of strandings off east coast of UK

05 February 2016

Whale washes up and dies on Norfolk beach in sixth UK stranding in weeks

Experts say the huge mammal stranded on Hunstanton beach died, despite the tide refloating it

04 February 2016

Nordsee: Briten wollen gestrandeten Pottwal retten

Es werden immer mehr: Auch an der britischen Küste ist erneut ein Wal gestrandet - noch lebt das Tier.

04 February 2016