Marine mammals

Russischer Konzern will im Wattenmeer nach neuem Öl suchen

Darf im streng geschützten deutschen Wattenmeer nach Öl gebohrt werden? Bei der Frage geht es nicht nur um Umweltschutz und Profite für einen Ölkonzern, sondern auch um üppige Steuereinnahmen.

06 January 2017

Chilean family rescue humpback whale caught in fishing net

A family in Chile has saved a humpback whale which became entangled in an industrial fishing net.


05 January 2017

Last endangered Mexican porpoises to be rounded up by US Navy-trained dolphins

Conservation plan involves sending dolphins into Gulf of California to find vaquita and then surface to raise the alarm

04 January 2017

World's oldest known killer whale Granny dies

The world's oldest known killer whale, affectionately known as Granny, is missing and presumed dead, researchers say.

03 January 2017

Life in Polar Bear Town with Gordon Buchanan review – a film as bleak as it is enlightening

In Churchill, Manitoba, there are times when the polar bears outnumber the people. It’s an uneasy mix full of contradictions that Buchanan gamely tries to unpick

02 January 2017

Mexico bid to save world's smallest vaquita porpoise

Mexican authorities and scientists are trying to save the world's smallest porpoise by capturing illegal "ghost" fishing nets.

16 December 2016

Scientists studying dolphins find Bay of Bengal a realm of evolutionary change

Genetic research on Indo-Pacific bottlenose, humpback dolphins finds animals distinct from neighboring populations.

15 December 2016

Scientists Studying Dolphins in Bangladesh Find the Bay of Bengal a Realm of Evolutionary Change

Genetic research on Indo-Pacific bottlenose and humpback dolphins finds animals distinct from neighboring populations.

14 December 2016