Marine mammals

Rare whale found on Australian beach believed to be evolutionary throwback

South Australian Museum researchers confounded by mysterious teeth previously unseen in beaked whales

15 May 2016

Ausrottung: Es leben nur noch 60 Kalifornische Schweinswale

Sie verenden im Fischernetzen - trotz längst angekündigter Schutzmaßnahmen: Die kleinste Walart der Welt, der Kalifornische Schweinswal, ist akut vom Aussterben bedroht.

14 May 2016

World's smallest porpoise 'at the edge of extinction' as illegal gillnets take toll

Now only 60 of Mexico’s vaquita marina left despite the navy enforcing a ban on the fishing net, latest study shows

14 May 2016

Wildlife officers search for rare whale stranded on Victorian beach

Severe weather and dangerous swells hamper search for 2.5m pygmy or dwarf sperm whale found at Logans Beach

10 May 2016

US ceases efforts to end global trade of polar bear parts

US Fish and Wildlife Services to shift focus to climate change’s effects on bears. Canada had opposed ban as threats to hunting economy and Inuit practices

04 May 2016

Mammal on Victorian beach thought to be rare dwarf sperm whale

The 2.42-metre whale washed up on Lake Tyers beach and authorities suspect it could be rare species spotted only 17 times since records began in Australia

03 May 2016

2016/009: Consultation Phase for CMS Family Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Marine Noise-Generating Activities

Parties to CMS, ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS have in several resolutions recognized underwater noise as a major threat to many marine species.  These resolutions also call for noise-related considerations

26 April 2016

These dolphins talk to each other. Why do we insist it isn’t language?

A new study shows that dolphins chatter while cooperating on a task. The line between human and animal language may not be as clear as we like to think

20 April 2016