Marine mammals

Meeressäuger aus Fangleine befreit: Die Qual des Wals - Video

Vor der Küste Hawaiis hat ein 40 Tonnen schwerer Buckelwal mehr als eine Woche lang eine Fangleine hinter sich hergezogen.

04 March 2015

Metallverbindungen: Windräder verschmutzen Nordsee mit Rostschutz

Windräder gelten als umweltfreundlich - doch Offshore-Anlagen haben eine Schattenseite. Die Stahltürme geben nach SPIEGEL-Informationen tonnenweise Metallverbindungen ins Meer ab.

28 February 2015

Do whales have graveyards where they prefer to die?

On the northern tip of New Zealand's South Island, there is a long bar of sand called Farewell Spit. The area is famous, but for an undesirable reason. It's a hotspot of whale strandings

27 February 2015

Whale’s death linked to failure to find food in overfished seas

Hunger could be the cause of death of a sperm whale that had been stranded in waters of Calauag town in Quezon province and environmentalists are linking the case to illegal and overfishing in the

26 February 2015

Scientists Meet to Discuss the Future of Arabian Sea Humpback Whales

Abu Dhabi, 23 February 2015 - The survival of the humpback whale population in the Arabian Sea, the smallest and most endangered humpback whale population in the world, is threatened by human activities, particularly entanglement in fishing nets, shipping and coastal development.

23 February 2015

Evolution 'favours bigger sea creatures'

The animals in the ocean have been getting bigger, on average, since the Cambrian period - and not by chance.


20 February 2015

Farewell Spit in Neuseeland: 64 von rund 200 gestrandeten Grindwalen gerettet

Fast 200 Grindwale haben sich an die Küste Neuseelands verirrt. Mit der Hilfe von rund 500 Freiwilligen schafften es 64 von ihnen wieder ins Meer - doch die Sorge um sie ist noch nicht vorbei.

16 February 2015

New Zealand rescuers refloat 60 stranded whales

Whales ‘swimming into deep water’ after help from volunteers and conservation staff following mass stranding on Farewell Spit at top of South Island

14 February 2015

Out of the blue, on the edge of the world, killer whales converge to feast

In the first of a series of special reports on extraordinary marine environments under threat, Guardian Australia’s ocean correspondent visits a ‘pinprick’ in the Southern Ocean where, once a year,

13 February 2015