Marine mammals

Grey seals identified as killers behind mystery harbour porpoise deaths

Study reveals seals along the coast of the Netherlands are switching from eating fish to eating mammal

26 November 2014

Le dernier siècle de l’ours polaire

L’ours polaire, espèce menacée. L’affirmation semble une évidence.

26 November 2014

Polar bears facing ‘worst-case trajectory’ because of climate change

Canada's Arctic islands could be ice-free for months each year by the end of the century, triggering starvation and reproductive failure.

26 November 2014

Peru investigates deaths of 500 sea lions on north coast

Peru is investigating the deaths of some 500 sea lions found on a beach on its northern coastline.


24 November 2014

Stranded long-finned pilot whale on Essex river starved, says expert

Female calf found on beach near Goldhanger died in very poor nutritional condition, according to Zoological Society specialist

21 November 2014

Grippeerreger H10N7: Seehundsterben erreicht Niedersachsen

Seit Wochen tötet ein Vogelgrippe-Erreger zahlreiche Seehunde in der Nordsee.

19 November 2014

Rescuers try to guide pod of whales off Essex coast into deeper water

Pilot whales spotted a mile offshore in area where there are several mud and sand flats

19 November 2014

Polar bear population in parts of Alaska, Canada down by 40 percent

Beaufort Sea hosts one of four polar bear populations considered to be on the decline among 19 worldwide.

18 November 2014