Marine mammals

Why are so many whales dying on California's shores?

A recent spate of whales washed up on the state’s beaches may be coincidence but ship strikes, fishing lines, sonar and climate change are all taking a toll.

16 May 2015

Una ballena de seis toneladas aparece muerta en la costa de Cullera

El cetáceo, localizado por la Guardia Civil cerca de la localidad valenciana, mide 10 metros

El País

12 May 2015

Aparecieron más de 20 ballenas muertas en el sur de Chile

Más de 20 ballenas fueron encontradas muertas por científicos tras quedar varadas al norte del Golfo de Penas, ubicado en el sur de Chile, según informó el Servicio Nacional de Pesca (Sernapesca).

11 May 2015

Solomon Islanders kill more than 1,600 dolphins for their teeth

Residents of a village where dolphin teeth are used for currency killed 1,600 of the animals in 2013 alone, and researchers are calling for urgent monitoring

07 May 2015

Big whales have stretchy nerves to help them gulp

Scientists have stumbled upon one of the secrets behind the big gulps of the world's biggest whales: the nerves in their jaws are stretchy.


05 May 2015

Japanese zoo association suspended by world body over Taiji dolphin hunts

World Association of Zoos and Aquariums takes action against Japanese member representing aquariums that take dolphins from Taiji hunt

23 April 2015

Protecting dugongs - just what is the scale of the threat to the sea cow?

An international project to protect dugongs - and the vital seagrass environment they need to survive - is being rolled out in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

22 April 2015

Save the whales? Why the humpback doesn't need protecting anymore

After 45 protected years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is recommending that 10 of 14 species of humpback whales be removed from the US endangered list.

21 April 2015

Project to protect seagrass, dugongs

EFFORTS to conserve seagrass and dugong in the country received a funding boost of US$5.88 million (more $40 million) from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF).


19 April 2015