Marine mammals

Looking a sperm whale in the eye

Philip Hoare: "I’d always been scared of these great creatures but while filming in the Azores, I jumped into the ocean amid a pod of whales – and met another sentient being."

11 September 2015

Marine life needs protection from noise pollution

Conservationists call for international regulations to limit noise from shipping and seismic surveys.

11 September 2015

Whale calf found dead after colliding with tugboat in Queensland coal port

Queensland parks and wildlife officers say the state of the humpback calf’s carcass means the cause of death will be difficult to determine

09 September 2015

Los cachalotes aprenden el dialecto de su clan

El animal con el mayor cerebro del mundo forma estructuras sociales complejas y de múltiples niveles

08 September 2015

Blue whale tangled in line prompts search along southern California coast

Eighty-foot long animal seen towing 200ft line with buoy attached - Boats, planes and helicopters involved as experts fear animal could die

06 September 2015

Polar bears may survive ice melt, with or without seals

New calculations indicate that land-based food sources like caribou, snow geese, and eggs might provide enough calories for bears to avoid starvation

04 September 2015

Arctic animals that can’t cope with climate change face death

When it comes to coping with climate change in the Arctic region, which is warming at three times the global average, some animals are more equal than others.

02 September 2015

Blue whale caught on camera in English waters 'for the first time'

Oceanographers claim grainy pictures showing world’s largest animal 250 miles off the coast are first since it was hunted to near-extinction

02 September 2015

New international standards needed to manage ocean noise

Growing use of high-decibel seismic surveys to explore the ocean for resources poses increased risks to vulnerable marine life, experts say

01 September 2015

A Mexican porpoise is facing extinction — almost by accident

The world’s most endangered marine mammal is a small porpoise called the vaquita — Spanish for little cow. The vaquita has been under threat for years, but now the poaching of a rare fish

01 September 2015