Marine mammals

El primer vídeo submarino del zifio de True, el cetáceo más esquivo

Es uno de los mamíferos más desconocidos del mundo y sólo ha sido avistado con vida en contadas ocasiones.

09 March 2017

Whales do not catch colds, but they do get snotty blowholes

Their nostrils can be wide enough for a person to stick their head in, so their sneezes should be truly spectacular.

08 March 2017

The way forward for reducing marine pollution

In the run up to the Ocean Conference in June, this blog series explores issues related to oceans, seas, marine resources and the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14, “Life below wate

06 March 2017

How disappearing sea ice has put Arctic ecosystem under threat

From algae to fish and polar bears, the loss of habitat caused by global warming is affecting the food chain

04 March 2017

Chinese White Dolphins Face Serious Extinction Threat

The Pearl River Estuary Chinese dolphin population is declining at about 2.5 percent per year and is fast approaching its minimum viability threshold.

02 March 2017

Un extraño animal aparece en una playa de Filipinas

Algunos creen que se trata de un cadáver de manatí, una especie que no habita el Pacífico ni el Índico

25 February 2017

25 Years ASCOBANS: The Outreach and Education Award

Raising awareness and engaging the public is an important aspect of nature conservation. People protect what they care about, and to care, some knowledge is necessary. People power also drives action by governments and the private sector. It is the same for ASCOBANS. Institutions and people throughout the Agreement Area play an important role in spreading the word about threats and dangers to marine mammals, and ways in which each person can help.

22 February 2017

Manatee population rebounds: is it ready to come off the endangered species list?

A recent survey found a record 6,620 manatees in Florida, but opinion remains divided as to whether the species has truly made a comeback.

22 February 2017