Marine mammals

Stop dell'Onu alla cattura di delfini e balene. L'Enpa al Governo: "Ora vietare l'import per la cattività"

Svolta storica in sede Onu per i cetacei: durante il meeting della Convenzione sulle specie migratorie (Cms) prevista dal trattato internazionale dell'United Nations Environment Program (U

11 November 2014

Une énorme baleine échouée sur une plage de Camargue

"Un rorqual d'une quinzaine de mètres de long" a été retrouvé près des Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer. Les habitants sont stupéfaits.

08 November 2014

Polar Bear – One Step Closer to Listing Under CMS

Quito, 6 November 2014 - Norway’s proposal to add the Polar Bear to CMS Appendix II cleared the first hurdle, when the Committee of the Whole decided to recommend its adoption to t

06 November 2014

Fight to save endangered Indus dolphins, turtles

SUKKUR: Local legend has it that Pakistan's Indus River dolphin was once a woman, transformed by a curse from a holy man angry that she forgot to feed him one day.

04 November 2014

UK Hotspots for Sharks, Dolphins and Whales "Need Legal Protection"

Basking sharks and Harbour porpoises among speciews at risk from boat tours and foishing, says Wildlife Trusts

04 November 2014

Environment Agency launches Dugong Education Campaign

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, EAD, in partnership with Total and Total Abu Al Bukhoosh (ABK), today launched the Dugong Education and Awareness campaign at Al Mamoura Auditorium, at EAD’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

27 October 2014

Nordsee: Vogelgrippe-Variante für Seehundsterben verantwortlich

Seit Anfang Oktober starben zahlreiche Seehunde auf deutschen Nordseeinseln. Nun steht die genaue Todesursache des Massensterbens fest: Eine Variante des Vogelgrippevirus.

24 October 2014

Nordsee: Grippeviren haben Seehundsterben ausgelöst

Binnen weniger Tage sind 350 Seehunde auf deutschen Nordseeinseln verendet. Nun steht die Ursache des Massensterbens fest: eine Virusinfektion.

20 October 2014