Marine mammals

Bangladesh oil spill 'threatens rare dolphins'

Bangladesh officials warn that an oil spill from a crashed tanker is threatening endangered dolphins and other wildlife in the massive Sundarbans mangrove region, branding the leak an ecological ‘c

11 December 2014

Svalbard's polar bears and the effects of climate change – in pictures

Rising temperatures and increasing ice melt are transforming the island’s of Svalbard in Norway’s high arctic.

09 December 2014

Isolated for 70,000 years, Arabian Sea humpbacks genetically distinct

"The Arabian Sea humpback whales are the world’s most isolated population of this species and definitely the most endangered," explained Howard Rosenbaum.

04 December 2014

The Polar Bear Capital of the World

Canada is home to around 15,000 of the world’s surviving polar bears.  But can tourism help with conservation efforts when it comes to these threatened animals?

02 December 2014

Canada : des baleines en voie de disparition font stopper un projet pétrolier

Les protecteurs du béluga ont obtenu gain de cause auprès du gouvernement canadien, lundi 1er décembre

02 December 2014

Grey seals identified as killers behind mystery harbour porpoise deaths

Study reveals seals along the coast of the Netherlands are switching from eating fish to eating mammal

26 November 2014

Le dernier siècle de l’ours polaire

L’ours polaire, espèce menacée. L’affirmation semble une évidence.

26 November 2014

Polar bears facing ‘worst-case trajectory’ because of climate change

Canada's Arctic islands could be ice-free for months each year by the end of the century, triggering starvation and reproductive failure.

26 November 2014