Marine mammals

Antarctic orcas swim to New Zealand

Killer whales from Antarctic are swimming as far as Northland in New Zealand's north, researchers have found.

27 June 2015

Blue and fin whale distribution in waters off Southern California

A new study indicates a steady population trend for blue whales and an upward population trend for fin whales in Southern California.
25 June 2015

Royal Navy bomb explosions caused mass whale deaths, report concludes

Noise from underwater bombs caused 19 pilot whales to beach and die off the coast of Scotland in 2011, say government scientists

24 June 2015

Dolphin death prompts ban on factory fishing trawlers in NSW-Victoria zone

The Australian fisheries management authority closes small ocean zone after 95-metre Geelong Star reports its ninth dolphin kill since mid-April.

22 June 2015

'Grave concern' for Maui's dolphin

The International Whaling Commission has voiced its "grave concern" for the tiny Maui's dolphin and urged the Government to take further steps to protect the critically-endangered sub-species.

22 June 2015

Weißer Schweinswal in der Ostsee

Stralsund/Fünen - Ein extrem seltener weißer Schweinswal ist in der Ostsee gesichtet worden.

17 June 2015

The giant cow that swam the ocean

The huge and extraordinary Steller's sea cow was ten metres long

16 June 2015

'A deaf whale is a dead whale': US navy sonars could be cause of strandings

Marine researchers speculate noise pollution in the Pacific is disrupting whales’ vital abilities to hear and migrate – and driving them ashore at an alarming rate

14 June 2015

Eiskalter Vielfraß: Eisbär lässt sich Delfin schmecken

Es ist ein seltenes Naturschauspiel: Biologen haben beobachtet, wie ein Eisbär Delfine verspeist. Was trieb die Zahnwale in die kalten Gewässer des Nordens?

12 June 2015

Polar bears 'have started eating dolphins due to climate change'

Scientists observe polar bears in Arctic eating dolphins for the first time ever, blaming reduction of sea ice for broadening animals' diet

12 June 2015