Marine mammals

Kylu, la beluga imposible

La cría del Oceanogràfic se convierte en un hito para las investigaciones sobre la especie ártica

17 August 2017

Accidental deaths of endangered North Atlantic right whales threaten species’ survival

At least 12 whales have died since April — or about 2 per cent of the population — nearly all of them in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

15 August 2017

Why do endangered right whales keep dying off the coast of Canada?

Researchers are racing for answers after at least 10 deaths of north Atlantic right whales, marking the deadliest year since tracking began

03 August 2017

A Whaling Way of Life Under Threat

The pilot whales glided through the crystalline waters in neat formation, blue-gray backs glinting in the sun, on their migration through Indonesia’s Savu Sea.

03 August 2017

A sparkling encounter: swimming with dwarf minke whales

She went with low expectations and a healthy dose of scepticism, but diving with dwarf minke whales in Queensland surprised and delighted

30 July 2017

At this rate the only whales left for us to wonder at will be in museums

When great whales are dying in numbers not seen since hunting’s heyday, naming the Natural History Museum’s new exhibit Hope seems a forlorn gesture

27 July 2017

Liberada una ballena varada durante 11 horas en la costa de Ecuador

El ejemplar, joven y de ocho metros de largo y 15 toneladas de peso, se había enredado en unas redes de pesca

25 July 2017

Seagrass meadows—critical habitats for juvenile fish and dugongs in the Johor islands

Scientists at University of Malaya, Malaysia, have found that the seagrass meadows in Johor harbor three times more juvenile fish than coral reefs.

11 July 2017