Birders flock to see exotic bee-eaters

Brightly-coloured birds, normally found in the Mediterranean, have produced eight chicks on the Isle of Wight.

02 September 2014

Vor 100 Jahren starb die letzte Wandertaube: Marthas einsamer Tod

Im 19. Jahrhundert verdunkelten Schwärme aus Millionen Wandertauben den Himmel über Nordamerika. Vor 100 Jahren starb das letzte Exemplar in einem Zoo.

02 September 2014

Warblers and turtle doves join RSPB list of birds at risk of dying out

Bad weather and loss of habitat blamed as more breeding native species are at risk of extinction.

30 August 2014

Wild Birds' Songs, Feather Colors Changed by Mercury Contamination

A song sparrow sits on a branch and trills. Song sparrows that lived along a contaminated river were found to sing simpler, shorter, lower-pitched songs..

29 August 2014

UK wagtails face long-term decline

Numbers dwindling of all three species found in the country along with key farmland birds, survey reveals.

29 August 2014

Iceland's Seabird Colonies Are Vanishing, With "Massive" Chick Deaths

Winged warnings - Climate and ocean changes blamed for huge losses of puffins, kittiwakes, and terns.

27 August 2014

Penguins in urgent need of protection

Some of them are small, cute and superficially cuddly, although they smell alarmingly of fish. Others are tall, stately and beautiful, although also generally offensive to human noses.

20 August 2014

22,000 flock to Birdfair, the Glastonbury of birdwatching

The Rutland Water event shows how twitching has moved from anoraky pursuit of exotic species to mainstream passion

17 August 2014

La agresividad de las gaviotas diezma los flamencos del delta del Ebro

Alerta en el Parque Natural del delta del Ebro por la presión depredadora que la gaviota patiamarilla (Larus michahellis) ejerce sobre la colonia de flamencos instaladas durante su época d

13 August 2014