B.C. seabird haven marked for protected status

Canada is proposing to designate the waters around the Scott Islands, a vital haven for seabirds off the northwest tip of Vancouver Island, as a marine national wildlife area, which would put comme

04 December 2016

Hagenbecks Tierpark schließt wegen Vogelgrippe

Die Vogelgrippe breitet sich aus. Nun muss in Hamburg der Zoo schließen: Im Tierpark Hagenbeck waren Gänse an dem Virus verendet.

29 November 2016

El buitre negro aprende a ser libre

La organización GREFA está reintroduciendo en Burgos esta ave carroñera.

El Mundo

27 November 2016

A solitary little egret is an elegant sentinel on the muddy creek

Often you encounter him fishing here, with an oystercatcher or redshank for company, watching acutely, spearing for small fish and crustaceans.

26 November 2016

110.000 Vögel in Niedersachsen getötet

In den meisten deutschen Bundesländern ist die Vogelgrippe nachgewiesen worden. Allein in einem kleinen Gebiet im Landkreis Cloppenburg müssen 110.000 Nutzvögel getötet werden.

24 November 2016

Protections for Rare and Endangered Animals Under Threat From Drilling Industry

Nation's list of protected species is poised to grow, a handful of rare and wild animals can only survive in habitat targetted by Texan drillers.

24 November 2016

Tiny transmitter’s big role in saving Spoon-billed Sandpiper

A tiny transmitter on a tiny bird's back is helping conservationists in their bid to save a Critically Endangered species from extinction.

21 November 2016

Nature modernized: Birds and people in China’s Yellow River Delta Reserve

Throughout its history the nature reserve has been a testing ground for competing ideas of economic development, nature and conservation at play across China today.

18 November 2016

Study finds more birds are endangered than previously thought

Hundreds of bird species today face a greater risk of extinction than is formally recognized, a new Duke study found.

18 November 2016