2014/035: New Signatories to the UNEP/CMS Raptor MOU

The Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) in its capacity as Depositary of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migrator

28 November 2014

BirdLife International: Hundreds of important nature sites threatened with destruction

According to a new report by BirdLife International, more than 350 of the planet’s most important bird natural habitats are being threatened and could possibly be lost forever.

25 November 2014

H5N8-Virus: Vogelgrippe erstmals in Europa bei Wildvogel

Im November war der Virus H5N8 erstmals in Deutschland aufgetreten. Nun gibt es den zweiten Fall - und zwar erstmals bei einem Wildvogel.

22 November 2014

Europe’s birds are disappearing

Sparrows and starlings are disappearing at an alarming rate in Europe. Richard Inger of the University of Exeter talks to DW about what is behind the decline and what can be done to stop it.

21 November 2014

La última oportunidad del urogallo

Científicos realizan una suelta controlada de tres hembras para luchar contra su extinción

El Mundo

15 November 2014

Stop al piombo nell'ambiente

Dal 2017 il metallo sarà eliminato anche dalle munizioni da caccia: è uno degli importanti risultati della Conferenza per la conservazione delle specie migratrici

13 November 2014

Panama sets new raptor migration record

"There must have been at least 100 miles of raptors," said George Angehr. "There was a river of birds passing all day"

12 November 2014

Un ave víctima de su belleza

La grulla coronada cuelligrís está considerada un símbolo de longevidad y riqueza

El Mundo

11 November 2014