American birders anxious to explore, protect Cuban species

Millions of migratory birds rely on Cuba's undeveloped fields and forests.

27 February 2015

Albatros, criaturas del aire en la Antártida

Estas aves marinas se enfrentan a muchos riesgos, uno de ellos es la competencia por su alimento.

23 February 2015

Migrating songbirds falling prey to rapid urbanisation

Many songbirds that fly south to Asia between November and February are under threat, and researchers calling for more global cooperation to protect them.

23 February 2015

Flamencos en el Delta

A vista de pájaro, o, para el caso, de Google Earth, el Delta del Ebro es una lengua que se derrama fuera de la costa, una tierra ganada al mar.

21 February 2015

Muere envenenado en Francia un milano real marcado en Álava

Un ejemplar de milano real que fue marcado con un dispositivo GPS el año pasado en Álava ha muerto en Alsacia (Francia) por envenenamiento causado por un pesticida contra plagas en cultivos, que "t

17 February 2015

Early results from farm bird count

Early results from a major count of farmland birds reveal sightings of several rare species


12 February 2015

Fit with tiny backpacks, songbirds reveal speed of migration at 311 miles a day

Using extra tiny geo-locator backpacks, researchers have tracked songbirds’ seasonal migrations for the first time, according to research published in Science .

12 February 2015

Dhobab: Yemen's Bird Sanctuary

The coastlines and islands of Bab Al-Mandeb (“Gateway of Anguish”)—a strait separating southwest Yemen from Djibouti and Eritrea, connecting the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden—provides refuge for hu

10 February 2015

Pesticides may have killed birds in Sultanpur bird sanctuary

Bird flu may not have been the cause behind the deaths of 47 birds at Sultanpur sanctuary in Gurgaon recently. Officials now suspect something more lethal.

09 February 2015

The Massacre of Europe's Songbirds

Resting on one knee, the hunter poses for the camera, his kill laid out in rows of 20 before him – birds ordered neatly into their respective species.

07 February 2015