Where Do Songbirds Go to Die?

After revolutionizing bird-migration science over the past decade, geolocation technology is poised to shine light on the field’s darkest mystery.

17 November 2017

Exotic Indonesian birds smuggled in drain pipes

A wildlife raid in Indonesia yielded startling results after 125 exotic birds were found squashed into pipes.


17 November 2017

Los filtros solares ya contaminan los huevos de aves amenazadas en Doñana

Un estudio del CSIC demuestra que las madres ingieren estas sustancias con el agua o el alimento y los transmiten a los polluelos en formación

16 November 2017

Scientists team up on study to save endangered African penguins

With less than 25,000 breeding pairs in existence today, it is an uphill battle for the African Penguin, which calls South Africa home. The

15 November 2017

Seltene Zwerggänse landen in Deutschland

Sie stammen aus einem schwedischen Zuchtprogramm: Jungtiere einer seltenen Gänseart sind in Nordrhein-Westfalen gelandet. Vermutlich bleiben sie über Winter.

10 November 2017

Country diary: millions of birds arrive on their autumn migration

Many birds migrate at night, using the stars to orient themselves. For some, Britain is the last stop – for others, a staging post

10 November 2017

Bittern numbers in UK at record high, says RSPB

Booming of male bitterns reveals presence of at least 164 of the heron-like waders living in British wetlands, says charity

09 November 2017

Bird killers are getting away with it. But there’s hope in sight

Against a background of zero prosecutions for bird of prey persecution, two legal changes are afoot to stop people targeting peregrines, buzzards and hen harriers

06 November 2017

Migrations: Stories of survival

31 October 2017