Rapaces de ciudad

La abogada María José Siñeriz salió corriendo al oír el grito de su compañera de despacho, Carmen Castañeda, en el piso 20º de un edificio cercano al Bernabéu.

23 July 2014

Software can decode bird songs

Scientists have developed a highly advanced bird song decoder, which can automatically identify the call of a vast variety of birds.

18 July 2014

Duck migration study reveals importance of conserving wetlands, researchers find

During the 2011 and 2012 migration seasons, University of Missouri researchers monitored mallard ducks with new remote satellite tracking technology, marking the first time ducks have been tracked

17 July 2014

'Stop using the bloody things': pesticides linked to bee collapse now blamed for bird declines

In recent years the evidence has piled up that neonicotinoids—a hugely popular group of pesticide—may be at least partly responsible for ongoing bee and pollinator collap
15 July 2014

Scotland's threatened puffins have successful breeding season

After years of poor summers, birds have had good season and pufflings are ready to take wing, say experts.

13 July 2014

Chemie in der Landwirtschaft: Kein Futter für Singvögel

Pestizide schädigen vor allem Insekten - und damit leider auch Singvögel, auf deren Speisezettel sie stehen.

10 July 2014

Neonicotinoids linked to recent fall in farmland bird numbers

New research has identified the world’s most widely used insecticides as the key factor in the recent reduction in numbers of farmland birds.

09 July 2014

Bird decline 'smoking gun' for pesticide's effects

The widespread use of a type of insecticide that has been blamed for honeybee deaths is linked to a marked decline in bird numbers in Europe, a report says.

09 July 2014

Al rescate de las rapaces amenazadas

Un proyecto de conservación está instalando nidos artificiales en silos de cereal en desuso y otras edificaciones para recuperar la población del cernícalo primilla y otras ave.

06 July 2014