Bird Trapping in Egypt and Libya – Plan of Action Put in Place

The Plan of Action to Address Bird Trapping along the Mediterranean Coasts of Egypt and Libya went public today together with the launch of the freshly-developed website for the International Task Force, established to ensure its effective implementation.

The Plan of Action (PoA) was developed in advance of the coordination meeting on bird trapping in Egypt and Libya, convened by the UNEP/AEWA Secretariat on 29 November 2013 at the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany, where it was revised.

It was subsequently further elaborated and finally agreed in March 2014. To download the PoA and learn more about the issue of bird trapping, please visit the Task Force website:

The members of the International Task Force are pleased to be able to present this PoA, which is unique in nature in that it combines regional goals and priorities with national and local actions and deliverables. Furthermore, it will be implemented jointly by national governments and NGOs, in collaboration with international organizations and Secretariats of Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

Cover Page PoA to Address Bird Trapping along the Mediterranean Coasts of Egypt and Libya

The International Task Force is eager to embark on the implementation of the PoA, the overall goal of which is to make bird trapping activities along the Mediterranean coasts of Egypt and Libya legal and sustainable.

First funding applications have already been submitted to donors and the preparations for implementing high priority actions in 2014 are underway.

All interested parties are invited to support the implementation of the PoA. This can be done through:

  • the provision of funds or other resources;
  • partnering with the International Task Force; or
  • joining the International Task Force as a proactive member.

Your support and participation would be highly valued and would contribute towards achieving the PoA objectives within the set timeframe.

Last updated on 11 April 2014

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