Standing Committee

The Standing Committee was established by Resolution 1.1 of the Conference of the Parties (COP). It is responsible for carrying out interim activities on behalf of the COP to

  • ensure that decisions are implemented,
  • monitor the budget,
  • make recommendations for consideration by the next COP,
  • provide advice and guidance to the Secretariat,
  • represent the  COP in negotiations with the Host Government and UNEP with regard to the Secretariat,
  • act as a bureau at the COP,
  • and to undertake any other ad hoc task assigned to it by the COP.

The Standing Committee usually meets immediately before and after the COP. Intersessionally it usually meets once a year. The Committee consists of representatives of every global region, of the Depositary, of the country that hosted the previous COP and where applicable, of the country which plans to host the next meeting of the COP. The two regions with the largest membership (Europe and Africa) have three representatives each, Central & South America & the Caribbean and Asia both have two and Oceania one. There are no Parties from North America.

Terms of Reference for the Regional Representatives, adopted by the 37th Meeting of the Standing Committee

The current membership of the Standing Committee is as follows:

Members of the CMS Standing Committee

Africa Congo (Brazzaville) Algeria
  South Africa Mali
  Uganda* United Republic of Tanzania
Asia Mongolia (Vice-Chair)* Tajikistan
  Kyrgyzstan Pakistan

South & Central America and the Caribbean

Bolivia Argentina
  Costa Rica Panama
Europe Norway (Chair) Georgia
  France* Latvia
  Ukraine Switzerland
North America (no Parties) vacant vacant
Oceania Australia* Philippines
Depositary Germany*
Host of COP11 Ecuador**
Host of COP12 Philippines

** Chair of the Finance & Budget Sub-Committee * Members of the Finance & Budget Sub-Committee

CMS Standing Committee Members since 1985 (Table in PDF Format)


Reports and documents of all meetings are available below.

StC Rules of Procedure

Title Start datesort ascending Status Country CMS Instrument
21st Standing Committee Meeting 16.11.1999 Concluded South Africa CMS
20th Standing Committee Meeting 09.11.1999 Concluded South Africa CMS
19th Standing Committee Meeting 28.01.1999 Concluded Germany CMS
18th Standing Committee Meeting 03.02.1998 Concluded Germany CMS
17th Standing Committee Meeting 16.04.1997 Concluded Switzerland CMS
16th Standing Committee Meeting 09.04.1997 Concluded Switzerland CMS
15th Standing Committee Meeting 23.01.1997 Concluded Germany CMS
14th Standing Committee Meeting 29.02.1996 Concluded Germany CMS
13th Standing Committee Meeting 16.03.1995 Concluded Germany CMS
12th Standing Committee Meeting 11.06.1994 Concluded Kenya CMS
11th Standing Committee Meeting 06.06.1994 Concluded Kenya CMS
10th Standing Committee Meeting 16.01.1994 Concluded Argentina CMS
9th Standing Committee Meeting 24.02.1993 Concluded Germany CMS
8th Standing Committee Meeting 05.02.1992 Concluded Germany CMS
7th Standing Committee Meeting 13.09.1991 Concluded Switzerland CMS
6th Standing Committee Meeting 01.05.1991 Cancelled CMS
5th Standing Committee Meeting 18.10.1990 Concluded Germany CMS
4th Standing Committee Meeting 01.03.1989 Cancelled CMS
3rd Standing Committee Meeting 19.04.1988 Concluded Germany CMS
2nd Standing Committee Meeting 29.09.1987 Concluded Germany CMS
1st Standing Committee Meeting 11.05.1987 Concluded Germany CMS