Type Published Publisher
Central Asian Mammals Initiative: Saving the Last Migrations Popular Series 2014 UNEP/CMS Secretariat
Siberian Crane Flyway News Newsletter June 2014 ICF
Conference of the Parties - Proceedings of the 11th Meeting Proceedings 2014 UNEP/CMS
A Review of Migratory Bird Flyways and Priorities for Management Technical Series October 2014 Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals
Migratory Marine Species in Areas beyond the Limits of National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) Leaflets & Brochures August 2013 CMS Abu Dhabi
Bats around the world E-publication 2013 UNEP/CMS Secretariat
WHMSI - Migratory Species: Biological, Cultural, and Economic Assets of the Americas Leaflets & Brochures October 2012 WHMSI, USFWS, WWF
Odontocetes - the toothed whales (Poster) Poster October 2012
30th Anniversary of CMS - Thank You, Bonn Poster 2012 CMS
Thesis Award 2011 Proceedings 2011 UNEP/CMS Secretariat