Dugong MoU Factsheet


Dugong MoU

  • The Dugong MoU Secretariat is located within the CMS Office – Abu Dhabi, CMS Secretariat’s largest regional office, and is hosted by and co-located with the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi on behalf of the Government of the United Arab Emirates
  • Effective since 31 October 2007
  • 26 Signatories as of February 2014
  • The CMP is implemented through the Dugong, Seagrass and Coastal Communities Initiative


To ensure a favourable conservation status for dugongs and their seagrass habitats throughout their range


CMP Objectives

  • Reduce direct and indirect causes of dugong mortality
  • Improve understanding of dugongs through research and monitoring
  • Protect, conserve and manage habitats for dugongs
  • Improve understanding of dugong habitats through research and monitoring
  • Raise awareness of dugong conservation
  • Enhance national, regional and international cooperation
  • Promote implementation of the MoU
  • Improve legal protection of dugongs and their habitats
  • Enhance national, regional and international cooperation on capacity building 

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